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Difficult to has its own wide stride..We all must face realities of life...
Life is sometimes painful and unfair. When this kind of day is knocking on your door, don't feel sorry for yourself.
Husband and wife ... All relationships have ups and downs and face many difficult situations when you think that you are standing at a blind end ...... At this bend of road, u need a companion to lead you ..
When we face hardships of all sorts and much discouragement , it is so easy to lose sight of the fact that we're not in this alone. There is divine help available to us. Many have already made it through life's toughest challenges, enduring far more difficult circumstances than we ...
Everything that Alan does is hard for him. Wherever he goes, he meets trouble. His life is an absolute agony. It's so very painful for him to have to live it as himself. This story is about his recent trip to a large air-port.
When faced with disapointments people react differently and while life has its ups and downs facing disapointment can ruin the life's expectations
Observe the realities of living ways, the purpose, the activities, and the results. Consider the changes difficulties bring and how they affect the tomorrows.
A very simple poem which tells that never quit even if the situations are unfavourable,have some patience and you will reach your goal.
When the going gets tough from trading The winds that is pushing at your arch back, Down into where worse hurricanes come blowing Hardest attack against the tide betwixt jagged rocks
Message in a transfer between multiple entities, can lose accuracy, which can later cause conflict between the transferor ii recipient messages. The goal of this workshop is to alert participants to the possibility of erroneous transmission and its consequences.
I love the black sheep of this fold and I love the hearts that have been trampled on.
November PAD Challenge Day 12- Technology or engineering that should exist.
A few simple things to look for when times are hard in a relationship.
We all have problems; that's part of life. However, the attitude we have going through tough times really can determine in what condition we arrive on the other side.
It makes life tough when you face certain situations that are difficult and instead of solving them you turn to the easy butts and sweep the problems under a rug or just wish them away.
Valentine's day is not just for lovers. Read on to find out what I think.
Every poet has a time where they find themselves stuck in a phrase or sentence. When it's really bad they may find themselves not knowing where to begin. The answer to the problems is to not think so hard. Stop being so serious and just write. Poets don't have to try and write poetry ...
I think we should all hug more, and maybe wars would stop. Well it's a nice thought to hang onto.
This is an article describing how difficult such an activity is. Life is so varied it is hard to concentrate on one aspect of it. Other thoughts keep intruding.
Sam has a stammer, and it is affecting him so badly, he doesn't want to go to school.
Tribulation is seen as the 7th and last church age. Laodicea, Rev. 3:14-22 The first part of The the book of Revelation is a study on the 7 church ages, and the overview of events will continue until the end of the tribulation period.
How will the tribulation Begin? Can it start this year? In the big picture of things it is important to have some understanding about coming events, but your salvation is not dependent upon conditions of the world, it depends upon your faith and belief in the almighty, by accepting Je...
A letter for a mother. mum. mummy. Whatever she's called. She's still the parent, despite all the pain... But are we really ever always here? Is she really always there?
When new families are formed following a divorce the children need help and guidance from the adults to ensure that they can accept the new blended family environment.
Some people have more challenges in life than others, to achieve their goals. It takes determination and courage, and here are 2 such examples of it .
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