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Food cravings are not necessarily related to food deprivation (i.e. dieting), but are closely associated with mood. Most importantly, your particular mood (boredom, stress, anxiety, etc.) causes cravings. So, before you succumb to your cravings, try to recognize your current mood.
It improves the texture of the skin, digestion and its appearance. It helps to carry nutrients and oxygen to the cells. It serves as a safeguard inside the eyes, spinal line and in the amniotic sac encompassing the baby in pregnancy.
Dandelion is useful in treating acne, eczema and psoriasis, as it reduces the body's efforts to eliminate toxins through the skin. In addition, dandelion relieves digestive complaints, such as bloating and flatulence; as an aromatic bitter, it stimulates appetite and promotes digestio...
We know that herbal teas can be good for us, but for those of us who like black tea (herein referred to as "real" tea") it can be an adjustment process. Some herbal teas taste vaguely like dirt and others like nothing much at all. So, what do we do to get some of the health benefits a...
Rosemary is used internally for problems of the digestive tract, particularly bloating and cramps; it also stimulates the appetite and promotes digestion.
Food provides all the energy our body requires. In order to incorporate these in our diet, one has to know which food to eat. In addition, there are times when our digestive system takes a tumble. Get to know those foods that help you overcome digestive setbacks. Aphrodisiac foods hel...
Here, I like to share about the importance of breakfast that we take food every day on morning. Human’s life starts everyday good with the way of taking breakfast.
Water - Water Everywhere --- But how much do we drink? I had seen some bad days when I neglected this God gifted elixir of life. This is an article about the health benefits that I restored when I developed a habit of drinking water.
Black pepper contains ‘piperin’, a substance to increase secretion of hydrochloric acid in bounce which improves digestion system.
Since olden days Cardamoms are using in making foods, it gives extra aroma to the food with digestive action. It can also be used in tea also for extra taste and aroma.
You may be surprised at the expression “Eat water and drink food”. But it is the diet slogan of the modern world to control weight.
This is the work schedule of our bodies, although many other variables may influence, we can use this data as a benchmark. Do you know how long it takes to increase weight?
Trains take millions of people to the city before noon. In the evening, they carry the people back to the suburbs and villages.What an extraordinary scene it is even for an ordinary poet like me!
It boosts brain function, great for the heart and aids digestion. What’s not to like?
Extracts from a late 19th century American encyclopedia. It gives instruction on how to sing, which was serious in its time, but is now humorous for a modern reader.
Thanks to researchers that could take time to discover the life enriching health benefits of maple syrup. If you like maple syrup, you sure are on the path to a healthy living.
Chewing makes eating perfect. It promotes better digestion and enables you enjoy better health. Chew your food and live longer. But chewing may be difficult due to some health problems. Here are some tips to overcome the chewing problems.
Do you want to have flat belly but don't want to give up food? You don't really have to. The key is to eat slowly.
Here I talk about the different useful properties of spices concentrating mainly on medicinal properties.
Coconut water best for health, it is just like ambrosia for health, digestion,works as moisturiser, coconut water for shiny skin
The most common health problems experienced by people associated with the digestive system. How to avoid indigestion?
Adding some spice to your foods may do more than add some kickin’ flavour, they may also give a subtle boost to your metabolism. New research indicates that spices, including tumeric and cinnamon, may help in the fight to lose excess body weight.
For the regulation of the body processes, proteins help in facilitating the exchange of the nutrients coming between the cells and the fluids within the cell as well as in facilitating the exchange of nutrients between the cells and the blood. The proteins also help in maintaining flu...
What are the benefits of wild horse's milk? Is it true that wild horse milk could increase sexual arousal?
This article provides useful information regarding blind loop syndrome.
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