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Watch the Minions trailer and cheer your inner child.
There was a new discovered dinosaur in Venezuela and it was a Tyrannosaurus Rex's Predecessor.
There are lots of theorys of why we are getting taller, the evolution theory should be, that we should all be getting shorter because shorter individuals were more successful in passing on their genes. However this never happened, the population kept getting taller, it is know the ...
We have to take responsibility and own up for our actions. Our leaders should recognize the consequences of their actions or inaction as they affect the lives of millions, nay billions. Let our decisions not be blinkered by our short lifespan here.
Just an overview of what may have caused the death of the Dinosaurs
Nasutoceratops titusi is a species of dinosaurs that looks like a cow. Nasutoceratops titusi has been found in Utah by University of Utah grad student in 2006 and is the latest discovery of dinosaur.
A new species of dinosaur called the "lonely small bandit" has been discovered in Madagascar. This is the first new species discovered in almost a decade.
Daily news is mostly negative and leaves a pall of gloom all around. It is mainly greed, wars and bombing, but peace proves elusive. It is time for the majority writ for peace to run through a shift in consciousness - and not a day too soon!
...The Sauropods were the biggest ever existing dinosaur that ever lived on the planet. I know now you’ve already an image of a very big dumb giant animal with a tiny head long neck and tails forming in your mind!...
What is the difference between a leech and a corrupted politician? Political parasites first bite and then attach to the thrones; but leeches…
A tooth declared as the most expensive in the world. Whose tooth is this?
~tympany of armor~whisper leaves click~roots of dawn~dinosaurs and ants~devour us~give birth our children~God-brain consciousness~chaos~catastrophe~stasis~reduced mobility~mordidity~ metamorphisis~blood on blood definition~diseased to survive~destined to breed out~
Fictional thought about a plant that lived in the time of the dinosaurs.
The Velociraptor, one of the quickest, smartest and nastiest of all the dinosaurs.
According to information published today in the open-access science journal PloS.One, archaeologists excavating in Utah have unearthed two new dinosaur species said to be among the most bizarre ever discovered.
Drumheller is located in South Eastern Alberta, Canada, (1.5 hours NE of Calgary). The area is known as the Badlands, famous for the many dinosaur bones discovered in the area, it also features some interesting tourist stops. Plan your trip to Drumheller to see these Tourist Attract...
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