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I get a puppy and decide to call him Charlie. I also discover that I have a great-grandmother that I've never met.
After the Three Jurassic Park series, comes this Adventure and action filled movie starring Chris Pratt and the Indian actor Irrfan Khan. So whats in store for us in this movie...
Dinosaurs have been a fascination for generations, now there is an exhibit for the whole family to enjoy.
There are lots of theorys of why we are getting taller, the evolution theory should be, that we should all be getting shorter because shorter individuals were more successful in passing on their genes. However this never happened, the population kept getting taller, it is know the ...
A chance meeting with a young boy gives me a new perspective on growing old.
Just an overview of what may have caused the death of the Dinosaurs
I’m a big fan of Michael Creighton. I read all of his books beginning with his very first book, “Odds On” published in 1966 as John Lange. The one that really fueled my imagination was his novel “Jurassic Park” published in 1990. I read that book a dozen times before the mov...
Nasutoceratops titusi is a species of dinosaurs that looks like a cow. Nasutoceratops titusi has been found in Utah by University of Utah grad student in 2006 and is the latest discovery of dinosaur.
The history of Barend Sweefarend, Kevin's grandfather, is not one that can be described as boring. He made sure of that. He knew what it was like to make the most of the adventures this world offers.
Doc Prancer, a good-for-nothing two-timing troublemaker, known by many as a devil of a man, had been banished from the friendly town of CrickleWood five years ago. If rumors were to be believed from the neighboring town, he was on his way back once again.
A lonely old tree remembers a time before the community was deserted and especially recalls watching the children play. The other trees are too young to remember but the old one finds solace in communing with Mother Earth and learns many wonderful things.
...The Sauropods were the biggest ever existing dinosaur that ever lived on the planet. I know now you’ve already an image of a very big dumb giant animal with a tiny head long neck and tails forming in your mind!...
Did an asteroid really kill the dinosaurs or was it something else? Will it happen again?
A fearfully non-extinct relic of Earth's primordial past lives on and threatens us all. This year, there seems to be a hoard of them on the horizon ... and in public office.
dinosaurs were the biggest creatures to step on this earth. we all know about their life but not death & that is what i have written here.this poem is a short description of what they really were.
“home of the most dangerous writers alive” ~ Frank Winters awarded me the Marija Cerjak Award in Avant-garde/Experimental writing for this piece ~ I didn’t make it to the whiskey bar to meet him ~ wonder where he went ~ where they go ~ whiskey men & night riders ~
~ to reassert tribal needs & memories ~ Jim Morrison ~ enveloped by you ~ silent & foreboding girl-cats ~ Nietzsche ~ you expect to break me? Impossible! You broke me years ago ~ Charles Manson ~ I stand beneath the mystic moon, an opiate vapor, dewy, dim ~ Poe ~ riding dead horses ~
While most consider dinosaurs stupid they lived for 135 million years.
How an interest in dinosaurs broadened my son's education!
This is a fictional story I told my children on how dinosaurs came about and what happened to them afterwards.
The Velociraptor, one of the quickest, smartest and nastiest of all the dinosaurs.
According to information published today in the open-access science journal PloS.One, archaeologists excavating in Utah have unearthed two new dinosaur species said to be among the most bizarre ever discovered.
Find out who where the largest animals to ever walk the earth.
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