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When you genuinely say and mean "I am responsible", that is the ultimate upward turning point in life. Other than that, everything else is directionless craziness.
In every life adversity is encountered at some point in time. It is important to have a high tolerance for ambiguity or lack of clarity. Sometimes we follow instructions that we thought were given but learn much later ~ after the adversity ~ that the exact opposite was true.
Well we're still chasing after and behind and in front and on the side of the truck Mother directed a wrong way to.
...some tips for crisis... Do you agree with these tips? Can you suggest others?
Our lives are full of choices and compromises and they include how we need to be aware of the needs of the mind, body and to live within the society we are part of. Time we moved as one towards self-realization to actualize our full potential and to find deeper meaning for our existen...
Yes in ours and doings we are responsible for that direction taken
Coexistence has never been easy test, but giving a thought to these hints may help to find a suitable partner or lodger.
This poem is about taking the step into the right direction. You will feel happy with a bright future.
The doctrine of Vastu Shastra is concerned primarily with architecture – houses,temples and other buildings.It about the law of nature and how it can effect us in a positive way.I would like to share some of my opinion on this subject.
How does the child deal with entering a new household and how do you adjust your lives to accommodate that child?
How feelings challenge us, how little feeling is acceptable and and how our acceptance or rejection of our feelings shapes our identity.
While the achievements of our country during the two plan periods are great enough, much yet remains ti be done before we may feel satisfied with the rate of progress.
This is the story of a man and his wife. They are driving on the highway and suddenly they don't know where they are. As it is te man's duty to find out, he feels the pressure.
Direction is communicating and providing leadership to the subordinates and motivating them to contribute to the best of their capability for the achievement of organizational objectives. Important elements of direction are issuing of clear orders, complete and within the capabilities...
This page is focused on the awareness amongst the parents and teachers and their behavior with youth.
The daily random stuff that happens to me seems to happen on purpose. How else could I have such random stuff happen to me?
Kaagaz Ke Phool, a Hindi movie was a Classic Marvel by the famous actor, director Gurudutt was a box office failure initially! This movie has become super hit after Gurudutt committed suicide...let us see why this so flop movie was adored by the people later on to make it a classic in...
Every one says that Titanic is a great movie! I would like you to see this movie through my perspective, please follow me through this review to see why Titanic really an out standing movie!
April Poem A Day Challenge Day 27 The Trouble is (blank) where blank is filled with we need God. In this world of ours we do need Him more than ever to receive His blessings.
The question concerning God's will for many Christians is a very confusing and worrying thing. But the uncertainty that often comes with it is not necessary when we look at what Scripture says on the issue.
Spiritual formation is a direction in spiritual affairs the heart has formed with the approach to religious matters, same as how a compass would work, if you want to grow strong in the Lord, and go on a journey to spiritual fulfillment, then in spiritual formation a path is mopped out...
Feng Shui is an art of arranging the articles in the interior and exterior of an edifice. Apart from necessities, it advises on several art forms which are suitable remedial measures. Common ones being wind chimes, water fountains, dragons, laughing buddhas, crystals, bamboos, bagua m...
Yes always heard about the mind but have not seen anything showing it anatomic location.
It is not where we start, it how we chart out path through life's course
This is a short poem which deals with issues surrounding the raising of children
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