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There's a rather newish place called Istanbul Kebap, a small shop that serves food. Saturday when we drove back from the Land Of The West and we ate in the city, Father got himself something small from there, just to try them out.
Ten reasons why you should always wash your hands
fingers grubby, hunger hidden in a dirty knapsack no map, no direction
Want to clean your furniture but you don't have any chance to buy new sponge? Try these simple tips if you want to re-use your used sponge.
There are too many broken people on the streets, especially young women, who come from various backgrounds, only to wind up selling themselves and degrading their lives!
A sink full of dishes may present an overwhelming task. In reality, it's about 10 minutes of focused work, and then one may resume their Facebook or video games.
A scruffy dog with a skin disease sits outside my clinic, looking at me with a plea in his eyes. This poem is my unsuccessful effort to put his silent plea in words.
In the 1800's Whitechapel was overcrowded and the places the poor lived in were some of the most infamous slums in London.
This is something I wasn't expecting from Samsung. I respect all the company, but with all the things that is happening. This is a let down.
Vacuum cleaner is an essential item for us all but choosing the good one for me and my home is not that easy.
In response to one of the 5 series of the teaching-Biblical Love Psychology, a lady said God in the Bible condemned "Sex" and sex became an active form of intimacy in Man after His fall (eating the forbidden Fruit). In response to that, I have taken my time to elaborate properly that...
Have you heard of the Bucket & Sponge Principle? I first heard of this concept in a leadership class. Basically, if your sponge soaks up too much dirty water, the only solution is to toss out your waste water and start over. Read to learn more about this concept.
Young boy who wants the love of her life but can't have her.
Gossip at homes, at offices, at pubs, at malls , at cafe's, at graves, at terminals, at weddings, at birthdays, at morgues.... How disgusting. Why not try to grow ?
Do you want to send orgasmic jolts down her spine? Do you want to make her squeeze her eyes shut in pleasure and make her lips quiver? Read below to become the best shag-stud on your block!
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