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Sidewalk rage is a fairly new phenomenon. People become very angry with other people who are disabled and cannot walk fast enough. It is even worse for people who have what is called invisible disabilities.
About UK legistlation concerning the Serious Crime Bill . The new amendment that was introduced last month by the UK government would allow the spouse a new line of defense. The spouse can now claim that he was acting in his partners’ best interest when he inflicted violence, contro...
this page presents the attitudes that the society has towards disabled women when it comes to sexuality and reproduction
this page presents the discrimination that exists among women living with disabilities
this is the summary of the write up on the portrayal, presence and presentation of the disabled in the media
this page still talks about the portrayal of the disabled in the media, thought there is a small progress, a lot needs to be done
this page talks about my vision as a disability champion as well as the UN Convention on disability
this page shows still the way the media has impacted or failed to impact on the lives of the disabled
this page gives an emphasis on how the media has influenced the disabled people's participation
this page is a continuation of the previous page on the media and persons with disabilities
this page carries on the writing on the media and the disabled persons
this page continues showing the different ways how the disabled are portrayed by the media
this page still talks of disability and the media, here we have a look on the present technology and the innovation and how they impact or fail to impact the lives of the disabled people
this page carries on the write up on disability and the media
this page still talks on the media and the disabled, how the media creates a negative picture of the disabled in the society
this page is a carry on of the previous pages, here it touches on the media as both a tool of communication and also how it plays a role in creating stereotypes about disability
this page talks about the way persons living with disabilities are poorly presented, portrayed and how they don't get a good chance to participate in the media
This man from Philippines, inspired the social media. His photo went out on social media and inspired many of us.. Thinking that even though he has no hands, he still works in the busy streets.. I hope his picture reaches the government so they would feel guilty of themselves!
What is your greatest fear? What is your greatest potential obstacle in life? You will learn so much about yourself when you face the greatest challenge in your life. most of us fear death, becoming unemployed, perhaps even becoming permanently disabled, what would you consider your g...
TAPS and the Travel Channel looked into the vast amount of reports from visitors claiming to have witnessed apparitions, strange noises and whispers while visiting the asylum. They were not disappointed. The proof was everywhere. Today the asylum is one of the most visited haunted ven...
As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your establishment is equipped with the necessary facilities to ensure that everyone can leave your establishment safely in the case of an emergency.
It is interesting the different types of reactions that people do when they encounter a disabled person. To the disabled person the reaction can be either amusing or annoying.
A writer with Aspergers syndrome challenges the possibility that is could be an offshoot of Autism.
We often forget how we received our flag and sometimes we need to be reminded at what cost our flag came to us.
Until a person becomes disabled they will never truly understand what it means to be disabled.
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