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Sadness hurts. It's a hard time. Fundamentally, it's a good thing. No, I'm not crazy nor have I fallen off my rocker.
It should be obvious that we live in troubled times, even perilous times. What is the cause for these perilous times. This article will disclose a fundamental human problem.
Love is the same,Love is equal... Is love the same? Is love the equal?
After being denied a win at Monaco because of a wrong call from his team to pit , two weeks ago. Could Lewis Hamilton bounce back in Canada?
Positive attitude leads one towards the goals of life. Positive attitude is an art of life. It is the art of living a successful life. It can be developed by constant practice. Why not try this art today?
A large part of humanity today live a lie.People are, in general, no longer what they pretend to be.
Felipe makes the discovery that there may be others in the world like him.
I don't have a lot of luck in life and it's made me pessimistic and negative but I'm willing to take help anywhere I can. Sometimes someone will go beyond all reasonable expectations to help me and I have always been grateful when they have. But sometimes the best of intentions can be...
Always searching most people are for love...hither and thither they go...this one that....then one day finally they look inside and find what they have always been looking for.......enjoy
Currently going through a tricky patch in life - Unemployment - This is a quick poem I wrote up today in light of this.
The Montreal circuit in Canada is a favourite one for Lewis Hamilton., who has already won 3 times there. Could he make it a 4th win? Read on to find put more.
In these few words of verse, the writer reflects on the arrivals and passages of friendship.
I'm so sick and tired of trying to find true love...I give up because I've had enough
I am getting SO VERY ANNOYED with people who think they know better than I what's best for me without having a clue as to what I've endured.
Internet dating has become one of the most popular mediums through which many seek to establish meaningful relationships....or so it might seem but the implications can be somewhat disheartening as no one person is custom made for the other and sometimes neither is willing to compromi...
When faced with disapointments people react differently and while life has its ups and downs facing disapointment can ruin the life's expectations
Why is my balance less all the time, even though I have posted 25 times. I feel very discouraged and disappointed , disappointed , badly disappointed with wkinut
Often times dreams get sidetracked and it is difficult to get them back on the right track again. With positive thinking, hard work and belief in yourself things can turn around for the better.
This poem encapsulates the efforts and progress an individual believes he/she is making balanced with the harsh reality.
A sweet poem describing a situation where you are some what disappointed about the behaviour of the person for whom you cared so much that you even dont think of your friendship your relation with that person and let that person know about what you feel with full faith that other pers...
Falling short of others' expectations as well as my own. How am I to explain my worthlessness?
A true story about life's disappointment for little girls.
You look up a Job site, the requirements and the responsibilities look good but when you arrive on the interview you got something you clearly doesn't expect. And oh, the website looks professional but the office looks like a college student's man cave.
Waiting for a Knight in Shining Armour can be disappointing.
A funny thing happened one night at work to some very hungry people.
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