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What mankind must do to stop a global catastrophe from happening due to climate change
Life on earth is also not permanent as it has to end one day and how long can life survive on earth is a million dollar question. People all around the world are very nervous reading out news from various sources about the present world coming to an end in few years. We all just hope ...
A review of the year 2014 covering seven topics and the most notable stories in each.
The five remaining artists enter the world of fairies on "Face Off"
Abbas Gullet describes his experiences at Kenya’s main disaster response unit to CNN’s Kenyan-born Zain Verjee on CNN International’s ‘African Voices’
In respect for those who lost their lives in the Glasgow Helicopter Crash. Our thought and prayers go out to them, their families, colleagues, neighbours and friends. We also pray for the healing of those who have been injured.
Article shows how slow the humanitarian help goes to Tacloban and chaos is leading in the streets.
If you live in the US of A, your food is being poisoned. Check it out!
How earthquakes leave such devastation that only continues to cripple economies leaving death and destruction in it's wake.
One thing you can depend on in this human experience and that thing is CHANGE. How one looks at change will likely determine the outcome and when I say 'outcome' I refer to the satisfaction with what you have created from the sparkly fresh slate of change.
Earth surface crumbling, bridges falling, Global warming, meteorites impending Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes galore We will not survive the next World War. The world has tilted on its axis, This explains the global warming We're slanted closer to the sun This suggests we're "over-...
A poem about a burst dam in Sheffield in 1864, and the loss of life it caused. The worst peacetime loss of life in Britain. logged in the Guinness Book of Records
The months of typhoon weather in the Philippines is here again. What preparations can we do during these rainy months?
There are three main factors which determine the population size and growth of a given country. There three factors are birth rate, death rate and migration.
The world is speeding up it seems--more disasters, strange calamities, as well as the usual. Many recognize it is all coming to a head. Is this good news or bad?
Despite the fallout from March 11st, Japan is going to go forward with nuclear powers.
~The water pushed and pulled; her knees threatened to give way. At the end of her strength, she made the choice no parent should ever have to make.~
Recent news on television and newspapers show floods from different parts of the world. These include countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, USA, East Pacific, the latest of which happened in Brazil and in Brisbane, Australia. Scores of people were dead leaving tremendous damages to infra...
While many significant events take place on any given day, certain days of the year have historically had more than their share of momentous and tragic occurrences. (Listed here are those beginning in 1900 as the entire list is far too extensive.)
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