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Did Jesus and his disciples believe in reincarnation?
The Holy Spirit is one of the least understood persons of the Trinity, yet His role is necessary in the lives of Jesus' followers.
In my working with, I was asked to address the issue of why Jesus stayed friends with Judas when He knew Judas would betray Him.
The story I read long back and trying to follow's very interesting.....(I have uploaded a picture from the net)
Sakyamuni Buddha had ten outstanding disciples. I have briefly introduced three of them here.
The events of the weeks had been indescribably intense with the nightmare of Jesus’ crucifixion and the great wonder of his resurrection. The events of the week had shaken their faith, but as a group they were still hanging in there.
Jesus Christ is described in scripture as a 'rock of offense'. This explains why Christianity is often shunned in a world that values its political correctness. Christ did not come to bow before a god of political correctness.
I signed up for a community college course on creative writing forty years ago. On the first night of class, after everyone had introduced himself or herself, the instructor started class with this sage advice, “Try to imagine talking about the same subject every single day for the ...
The Word of God was complete when the last of the New Testament apostles and prophets were gone. The inspired Word of God, the Holy Bible was a completed document when John wrote Revelation. Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God, issues a dire warning in [B]Revelation 22:18(AKJV)...
When Jesus selected twelve men to become his closest companions, He chose twelve ordinary men, men just like you and me. After an intensive discipleship program, and after His resurrection from the dead, He commissioned them to go out into the world and advance God’s kingdom by spre...
There is a misconception concerning anger; that is it is a sin to become angry. However, the premise is that anger is a God given right; however, it is how we use which needs explanation. It is therefore the case that once angry one can learn to use it as a motivator of good.
Who were eager to crucify Christ? Who were there really following him?
Throughout time as it is known and even before then, there were Beings on the planet who helped share the ancient wisdoms of Soul and spiritual knowing. This is about the Sun God, Mithra.
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