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A thought how we move on in life, experiences and that one should never stop exploring.
The process of exploring the "twilight zone" in the deep areas surrounding the coral reef in the Caribbean, to discover the many types of fish, a previously unknown in science.
I've been living on Tower Hills for so many years, and yet there's still cool places I can discover where I've never been! Fantastic places.
Instead, striking at the worst possibility with all the directed efforts is the right path of victory. In the same process, it came to surface that successful persons do not find happiness in their achievements, but achievements in their happiness.
Today is a new day. It's raining and the sky is dark. Milly and Dad are asleep upstairs. Yesterday Dad got a phone call and Milly didn't listen because Dad had the back room locked. That just happens to be where Molly listened in on all Dad's calls. She's now searching for clues in ...
Max has recuperated from his bout with the flu. He decided it was time to begin helping out at the food pantry again. He'd been away long enough. It would be nice to see Miss Jane and his friends.
Have you ever wondered where this value of "Pi" (π) is 3, 14 and or 22/7 come from? Is it just a guess or obtained by trial and error? Some Mathematicians even spent their whole lives investigating this constant. So why is this constant so special?
The last 6 months of my life have been a roller coaster of mishaps, tragedies, joys, and letdowns. Ihave struggled to maintain a lifestyle that wasn't great to begin with and the journey showed me what was important and what wasn't
How many computers are required to recognize a cat? The answer is one thousand core computers with 16,000 processors (cores).
Eating a bowl of hot noodles, sipping iced coffee sidewalk, discussing a few words about the weather and walking around the bookstore looking to buy a music concert ... All these activities are closely in Saigon. Just spend a day to stay in Saigon, draw on the suggestions below, you w...
Not always a good idea to be open and honest.Although many already have guessed what it it you're hiding.Once a secretes out whats the worst that can happen..................We all pretend to be what we're not at times.
A team of astronomers announced Wednesday, March 26, the surprising discovery of an asteroid ring called Chariklo, which is in the outer solar system between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus, and has a diameter of 250 km. It is the smallest object with a ring and fifth in the solar sys...
The roughly 245 million year old marine reptile is beautifully preserved.
The time had come to start the route of discovery, a story of two people and their travel plans
If you stay out there at night .... All sounds appear to donate fright
That's one purpose of discovering what you want. Your vision is not meant to be followed blindly-----it's meant to pull you forward.
Researches have been found a huge lake that buried 4 km under the ice. The lake then called Lake Vostok. Lake Vostok is the biggest discovered compare to other lakes that has been found in Antarctica.
This article is all about the discovery of stainless steel. Harry Brearley was responsible for the discovery of stainless steel. He discovered stainless steel when he was researching for an alloy that did not corrode.
God is Love and to discover Love you must Know God. Christ Jesus came down to earth and made know His Father's Way. It will happen as the Word has fortold for He does not lie as His Father does not lie.
Getting out of life’s mundane routine is never easy. But tiny life adjustments can turn into a powerful avalanche of change.
If you have ever in all your days, no matter what the situation, discover the kind of surprises that old age cause older people to act as frantic as golden silver wicker wackers do, you will indeed really be overwhelmed by this, almost. Well wait until you hear or read this. Have I go...
Some people nowadays are so much concern about their age; they try to make a way to concealing the evidence left by Aging.
Takes a look at how we portray ourselves to different kinds of people and the reasons behind these kinds of portrayal. These splits are slightly more pronounced depending on the situation and what we are tring to achieve.
Happy Site (Bonavista) is a fictional poem illustration how Bonavista was named by John Cabot
This is a short poem introducing the new breakthrough Health Product MYO-T12 which has been developed by Atlas Therapeutics (ticker ATTH).
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