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How indian intelligence agency officials will ruthlessly exploit a brilliant obc single woman engineer, denying her information and stealing her resume for goan sex bribe givers, brahmin cheater housewives and other frauds
I enter the west wing to keep our breakfast date Mother, Father and I have. But, breakfast isn't ready. Instead, I find Mother standing at the door and Father talking to Harrison outside at Harrison's truck. Mother quickly informs me there's been an accident. I take a look out the ...
I've never wanted to write much if anything about politics, because politics and religion are the two things that still stand in the way of a happy human race. However, sometimes I couldn't help but write about the corruption of South Africa's current ANC government. It just slips o...
A look at how indian intelligence agencies and some companies will intentionally deny certain vital information to select individuals , customers to torture them, cause business losses.
Investors in India second class citizens , defamed and denied fundamental rights.How honest hardworking harmless investors in India are ruthlessly defamed, cheated and exploited
How intelligence agency officials in india allegedly bribed by corporates are harassing webmasters working at home wasting tax payer money
The defamation, harassment, cheating and exploitation of short people in India due to the intolerate attitude of powerful officials
How Indian security and intelligence agencies are harassing, cheating and exploiting a harmless single woman engineer without proof for more than 5 years, falsely claiming that she is a security threat only because she has saved some money for her old age.
In the struggle for women's rights which stems well over a century, some women made great strides in changing the social mores of the day. The plight of the poor is an ongoing topic in women’s issues and women’s rights. Today we look at Patsy Mink.
Racism always shows it's ugly head everywhere that we go. Racism is far from dead, it is just exhibited in a sneaky way.
A new law in Indiana that permits businesses to discriminate against gay and transgender customers is generating a tremendous backlash throughout the nation.
This story happened a few years ago, yet it still enrages Montrealers to think that children are treated this way in our schools.
The "Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters" in Ottawa raised questions recently about access to justice and how this is becoming an increasing problem in Canada, especially for low and middle-income families.
My experiences with discrimination and prejudice. A surprise ending.
The business climate in the United States has been deteriorating for years. One of the reasons is the increasing number of discrimination cases brought before the EEOC.
I grew up on the poor side of town, but in a nice enough neighborhood, I thought.
This short story is about the right approach to teaching and to learning. The right approach involves love from both side of the learning. Both the teacher and the student here both had that love for each other.
Under the Bridge - by Jeannie Meekins (2013) - Children's Novel E-Book approximately 40 pages Under the Bridge is a beautifully written and illustrated tale of two friends who teach each other that how others perceive them is not how they must perceive themselves. Highly recommended ...
After 8 years battling discrimination by an "affirmative action" policy characteristic of an ANC-run South African Police Service, Lieutenant Colonel Renate Barnard finally had a victory when the Supreme Court Of Appeal ruled in her favor.
Songs where there is more talking than singing really catch my attention. What is the message being presented? I heard this song three or four times before I thought I caught it all, and then did a lyric check to be sure. This song has stirred up some controversy, so I wanted to shed ...
Let's examine the root of stigmatization, using the example of media coverage, and it's effect on society.
Nature never discriminates. It is filled with love. It is man’s greed and selfishness that discriminates. Look at the shape of the carrot with its five fingers. Do they point out at the folly of human nature?
“The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.” – Maya Angelou Paula Deen's cooking show contract with the Food Network expires June 30 and will not be renewed. The announcement was made after Deen, 66, apologized on video for using the"N-word" and canceled a “...
Do not discriminate person living with disabilities....... they have rights
This poem was inspired by the movie "42"; a movie about Jackie Robinson and how he refused to let those who thought negatively about him dictate his life.
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