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The most terrifying legend told by the town's people is that Satan holds court with his worshipers on the Stull Cemetery grounds, making it prime for supernatural occurrences to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting that trespass on the Devil's playground.
An eerie walking path leading deep into the forest has taken the place of where old railroad tracks would have once been a prominent fixture that once wound through the haunted forest. Visitors experience paranormal chaos that effuses out of the woods once the sun goes down.
Paranormal enthusiasts will enjoy ghost hunting while spelunking in the only all water cavern and wildlife park in the United States.The entrance to the cavern is a 75-feet deep sinkhole that immediately welcomes you into something amazing. Sightings from unsuspecting tourists over th...
The popularity of the Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington has stemmed from the high level of paranormal activity that encompasses you throughout your walk through spooky old cemeteries and other haunted hot spots in the historic district.
During the spring of 2012, Maine Ghost Hunters thoroughly investigated the forest in an effort to establish what is behind the paranormal chaos that effuses out of the woods when the sun goes down.
The haunted trail includes haunted tales that are believed to have originally stemmed from the spirits who date back to the early Native Americans that once walked and lost their lives on New York's unsettled land. Due to popular demand, the members of the Genesee County Chamber of Co...
Welcome to the haunted village of Chitina, Alaska is located just outside the boundary of the western side of the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve in the county of Valdez-Cordova. The small community is nestled along the west bank of the Copper River where despite a past ...
Located on the haunted West Penn Trail, Livermore is also known as Satan's Seat due to the complex nature of the repeated floods that never allowed the town to replenish itself into a healthy form
Visit the Campus Ghosts at Ohio University or Tour One of the Many Haunted Cemeteries.
The Harmony Inn, located 30 miles north of Pittsburgh, has been a hotspot for paranormal activity for over a century, with most of the active entities living in the establishment for unknown reasons. It is consider the most haunted inn in Butler County.
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