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Review of Movie Avengers Infinity war. I will discuss the movie its strengths, weaknesses, and how that plays out to the next sequel in the Avenger series for Marvel and Disney
The presence of babies livens up any home or environment. These cute little things bring out the best in us and make us forget ourselves for a time at least. Gone are the worries and cares of everyday routine and mundane lives since babies create a special kind of chaos that is enduri...
The Disney motion pictures have included some of the most famous animated film stars. Many of its animated movies have had a big impact at the box office. Disney's stars have also been included a variety of shorter cartoons, comic strips, story books and games.
Success comes from a series of failures. It is our perseverance that lets us see the positive side of failure. We learn from it and become better. - A review of the animated movie "Meet the Robinson's"
The younger fans have their say with the family friendly Radio Disney Music Awards.
CGI (computer-generated imagery) films, which rely solely on computer graphics, have today become the standard for animated films. Since the release of "Toy Story" in the 1990s many CGI movies have followed, with most Disney films now in CGI. CGI has enhanced animated movies, and ther...
Camping is a great way for families to spend bonding time together. In California, depending on how seriously a person takes camping and if the weather permits, camping can be done year round. I think the real joy of camping, though, belongs to the younger people who don’t mind spen...
After the longest settling in period known to nerd Star Wars Rebels finally hits, and its well worth the wait from Episode 1-2.
2 games, 1 theme... yet enough differences between the two that one actually stands out a little more.
Years after they pulled the plug on Clone Wars Dinsey' s first original effort is ready to fly... was it worth it? Let's find out...
The Disney movie Frozen has much audiences will love.
Song and video review, for this century this is nice song you must have seen it and in here you will learn to avoid video scams
Some feminists are decrying movies with a shortage of female protagonists. I can see their points. But for my son, I'd rather focus on movies where boys want girls on their team(s).
The National Geographic Channel made a flying house experiment as that adapted from Disney's film "Up". National Geographic is assisted by scientists and engineers to make the project.
A few words about the history of cruise ships and the joy they can offer till today...
Would you rather your daughter be an admirer of Angelina Jolie or Disney?
At least we do often hear about "Finding Nemo". Now we will soon enjoy "Finding Dory".
My Review of the 2007 Disney film, Enchanted, starring Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams.
Here's a review of the new Pixar/Disney film Brave
The saga of the 2011 is composed of four films: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl released in 2003, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest was released in 2006, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, released in 2007 and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange...
Actual evidence of Mickey’s true and real existence. Read more:
Disney World in Orlando is a wonderful trip for all the family, especially with the the many great Theme Parks to visit.
There are many Urban Myths. Most of them are not true. Here is the top 10 true urban myth.
We enjoy Disneyland in part I believe, because of their business model. Even if you aren’t consciously thinking about it their business model is at work making your visit as memorable as possible.
For those who grew up under Walt Disney’s wondrous cinematic spell, the world of fairy tales and fables appears to be a veritable wonderland created just for kids. But what most parents and children are unaware of is that most of these beloved classic stories were never intended fo...
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