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Would the terrorist have attacked the Paris Newspaper "Charlie Hebdo" if this publication would have been more sensitive and respectful of the religious beliefs of the Islamic nation? Or was Charlie Hebdo just being used by the Terrorist as a smoke screen?
This is an actual experiment that was done in 1998. I do not recount it to insult. You can probably test the results yourself by following a similar pattern
I have learned much about women over the past 40 years. I do not think of myself as an expert on women, yet do consider myself literate and speak woman. Women talk to me. Women talk to me a lot. I intentionally ask this question as I engage women from 18 – 80 in conversation, “Wha...
A lot of women suffer from domestic violence just because they are taught to suffer quietly. What they worry about is their false position in their society.
I was utterly disgusted by the T.V. show fashion police. They sit and make jokes at other celebrity's expenses.
Eternal optimist that I am, I hate to think of anything as hopeless. However, the longer I live I discover more and more that some relationships simply cannot be salvaged.
Having been active in community groups and projects for years, the concept of personal respect is an issue that is raised again and again. Conversation and personality styles are both influencing factors on how we interact, and respond to each other. Cutting off or ignoring someone wh...
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