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“You will even be able to thank God in the midst of pain and distress because you are privileged to share the lot of those who are living in the light” (Colossians 1:12, Phillips).
Raju Bear and Harsh Deer are good childhood friends. They are faced with an unusual choice one day, decision on which helps one of them years later in time of distress. Read On...
Do you believe Buddhists worship trees, stones, and the devils? Are you sure these accusations are not cooked up by people who are jealous of this religion?
Emotional pain is very real, it is extremely distressing, and experienced by all of us at one point or another, here I share my tips on coping and working through it.
As Felipe spends his last few days in Southern Arm he suddenly realizes the emotional distress being felt by his mother.
5 Tips to help a friend on their terms. How to be the friend they need.
"Being alone causes someone to feel helplessness. Each individual has got to have someone to love and to be loved in return. For Love and happiness is nothing if you no one to share it with.."
After reading Carol's article on the destruction in the Philippines , ( which I recommend you all read ) I felt led to pen these words ....
this describes about my loneliness I stand in the lonely balcony staring at the stars Smoke of the unruptured rises from the flames of gust Memories long standing are a satire and i smile The smoke gathers in itself the era of rust Not for me but the happiness of your soul Sing ...
......unless you are a nonbeliever, you probably already know that this can only......
Are you a real hero of a Damsel in distress in life?.
Infidel they say ...some secretly remain silent ..just to avoid the open infidelity
The Jackal took a fish rod and went to the river. But he was not knowing how to get the fish.
Socially active people were not easily stressed have 50% lower chances of developing dementia
A sequel to my Ode to A Dying Mum, how we can upset those we love. how hurtful others can be.
Very Short Haiku Poetry - Poetry with an image worth a thousand words
At times they can drive us to distraction, but Ladies, where would we be without our Knights in shining armour, even if some of them have more rust than gleam...
When we refuse to acknowledge, we are the source of our unrest and dissatisfaction, we continue to 'oil the lamp' with monotonous festering unproductive fuel. NO one does anything to us to cause our disheveled, spoiled personalities to rise up in needless defense. We do it all by ours...
As individuals we search daily for love, even if it is a glimpse of passion savored for the moment we still accept and desire it. With this we fulfill a carnal need to that we still deny because we still don’t fully understand it need.
We often fear for something. But fear is nothing but a thought arising out of our own thinking. We can be fearless by changing the way we think and imagine about ourselves.
Moving home ranks amongst the most stressful of domeatic activity, but how much more stresful is it for the kids. Tips on how to make the transition easier for all concerned.
Distress levels for to find out about, try this scale to show yourself where you are positioned in your mind and self.
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