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When we use the term diversity, we are talking about differences among people, including their age, gender, race, religion, cultural background, education, mental and physical disabilities, sexual orientation, and other dimensions.
This article looks at how people with different cultural as well as racial backgrounds can relate to each other with harmony and respect. It explores how these differences can actually enable us to learn more about human relations and makes for interesting conversations and interactio...
Diversity in workplace plays a very important role in the success of an organization.
The best and the most natural way of a diversification is the spill-over strategy wherein unutilized resources are made use of.
Mutual funds are a popular investment instrument during the last centuries for people who want to reach a higher return than a traditional savings account. Investing in mutual funds is easier than investing in stocks and you don't need a great capital to diversify your investment port...
Exploring the "Total Plan" approach and the ground rules for successful investing.
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