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An article about the diversity that exists within human sexuality.
Two veins poetry Totally diverse One goes many come they have yet to love
Unity in diversity is the rainbow of human differences created by our making a united circle around the tree of life, inspired by one photo from Sri Aurobindo's website. The circle is a theme also repeated, in Vedic Astrology, the circle is the Aquarius, flowing water; in Celtic lore ...
Be ready to be Filipinized... and try to embrace our cool and unique characteristics
Diversity is a popular yet important element in all aspects of American society. Diversity covers all aspects of race relations, politics, all school and university settings, religious beliefs, tastes in culture, including art, music, and literature. And because our society is diverse...
Indonesia is a destination where just being there and observing life is special. Learn some strange things to look for and enjoy in this country.
The United States can boast about having one of the most diverse populations in the world. Because of this, we are a cultural hot pot of everything anyone can imagine.
"I have seen other places like Sipadan 45 years ago. Now we have found again an untouched piece of art”. Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Something happened with my son after school today that put my mind to having a place where I needed to say some things, and then direct people to the long-winded explanation. I have want to put this on a T-shirt for my son, so I can stop talking about it and stop avoiding it. Or maybe...
This is a personal definition of what Poetry means to me. I have chosen words that explicitly convey the enormous range of emotions that flow through the human soul, such that even sadness flows through the heart with bittersweet, yet beautiful music that comforts heart, mind, and sou...
Life is made up of difference, there is something on the inside of you that make you who you are.
A change in the way we perceive life and towards positivism will bring a sea change in our lives. Let us not forget that we are at the apex of all species; thus masters of not only our destiny but also of our fellow travelers.
We need not only the lucky breaks in life but also the wisdom to spot and seize them. Let us accept with good grace the rewards for the choices we make. Every challenge can prove a blessing, even the one due within three weeks!
The very basic for coexistence - live and let live - proves a mirage. Rather than find real meaning and purpose through mutual cooperation, we end-up fighting over trivial issues that allow hate to trump over peace.
This article describes breaking traditional mindsets and explains advantages to a multicultural workforce.
This article looks at how people with different cultural as well as racial backgrounds can relate to each other with harmony and respect. It explores how these differences can actually enable us to learn more about human relations and makes for interesting conversations and interactio...
Diversity in workplace plays a very important role in the success of an organization.
A true friendship is like four leaf clover, it’s rare and hard to find but really lucky to have one. ^_^
This article informs people about India and its diversity in the context of population growth and fertility and thus tires to stop people making wrong impressions in their mind about its population growth and fertility.
How the computer now has become a very important part of the household, as it can enlighten and educate,
This little short story is about how my beautiful little puppy Bella and I made our first connection of love from the inner most core of our beings. Also, I express some possible insights on how to be considerate of each other and the inner connections that we all have as human being...
Diversity is a necessity of life and yet we continue to go to war to force our beliefs on others? Why?
London is a cosmopolitan city with a diverse mixture of people from different cultures that defines the unique culture of a vibrant city like London.
Having noted the importance of equality and diversity in the workplace, it is crucial that businesses know how to promote it successfully. This article is a step in the right direction for those who want to do just that...
Equality and diversity is an a thorny issue - in terms of legislation and within corporate environments. There is always the ideal but, in reality, many fall short. Why? Because many people and organisations do not go beyond the notion that equality and diversity is more than ticki...
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