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I felt the poem tells a story. I feel the poem is able to touch individuals triggering them to recant a story all of their own.
Numerology is said to be a science of your inner numbers. Is it just a pseudo-science, or not though? The author of this book has been practising numerology for over forty years, and he believes in the truth that it reveals through an in-depth study of its methods. Truth is always t...
Divine love..Will the Fuckin James... who so ever he be... stay out of my domain...
Just a quick three-card reading to provide a sort of "psychic weather forecast" for India as of July, 2015.
A three month reading for the terrorist organization known as Boko Haram.
A more in-depth view of the suit of Clubs for use in playing card reading.
A quick look at the "psychic weather" for Nigeria in July.
Just a brief explanation of the (more or less) traditional meanings of the suit of Spades when using playing cards to do fortune-telling/divination/readings.
A slightly late forecast for the psychic weather of Indonesia, plus divination with playing cards.
A quick and dirty reading for Singapore, the little island nation with big potential.
Another less-experimental reading mixing cartomancy and the zodiac. Also, lucky numbers!
A brief "horoscope" for Nigeria in the month of June.
A brief series of forecasts for the month of June, 2015 using the zodiac as my focus.
A fun, quick system to tell fortunes that can be used by anyone with two dice and some spare time.
A series of cartomantic divinations for each of the zodiacal signs. Also, lucky numbers!
Some thoughts on witches and witchcraft both traditional and modern.
This article on numerology purports to claim that your house number has an effect on your psyche. You may not agree with this of course, but read on and see if at least some of it makes some sense to you, after all.
Astrology has been studied upon the Earth plane for thousands of years. This writer is saying here that similar schemes of explaining the way that things work also exist upon the other higher planes of existence too.
This is a short story about John. His school teacher once told him that he would make a great math's teacher. He never followed this path though until after he had had the most revealing of numerology readings. It changed his life, and his direction in that life. He became at the age ...
divine prayers..all desrve a respecful end even fish!
A writer of classic love poetry intends a meeting in Ottawa.Will we ??
As for you not being a divine being - well you have much to learn about that. Because if you are not, then I am not. And that leads to what is known as confusion and misinformation. You are indeed a divine being, you are from the heart of the Creators, just as I am.
You mention Infinite spirals of creation, so our soul never end, that's why the incarnation is so significant to us!
It is really amazing that the galaxy is actually carry ours (human) imagination & creative mind. what is happening is so unrealistic but at the same time is so real to me!! i have once said "what can be imagined, can become real" and this is also written in my website.
On the 8th Dec 2010 suddenly i got lay off , then suddenly i get in touch with all though informations about 2012 (about the TRUTH)
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