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this is a compilation of some of my writings for i find it easier to write this way...but they all lead you to yourself...the Precious One...enjoy
Divine love..Will the Fuckin James... who so ever he be... stay out of my domain...
when you recognize your own divinity and get to know the the beingness of whom you are then you can travel as I do...many here are already...others stuck in the muck and mire of their own negativity...ha!
We have to backtrack on weapons proliferation to fight for peace and rely on the spark of divinity that is the bedrock of the creative process. If humanity goes against what drives creation we will be consigned to the dustbin of history like others before us. We will self-destruct wit...
A nonet poem about how meditation can help one clear his/her vision, thus leading to renewal of insight.
Let's take a journey together and climb Jacob's Ladder, through the mystical experience of divine unity and gnosis. This is how we can truly feel divine grace.
The one reason why no two people can ever agree about what happiness actually means, is that no matter how you try to define happiness, it remains an empty notion...
A long journey it is from here to there...and so is asked where is there and what is it...questions to ponder on perhaps. and for most never an answer will come forth until you are ready to receive
divine prayers..all desrve a respecful end even fish!
The tale of a message from the divine? Or the hallucinations of an addled mind? You choose!
At the bidding of the Mighty One, She brings forth the Christed One, a consciousness divine for all time. Through many It will manifest and do the sublime work it has been created for. Knowing this She is filled with on..
A writer of classic love poetry intends a meeting in Ottawa.Will we ??
How the vibrations of love can purify one's senses and create happiness.
As for you not being a divine being - well you have much to learn about that. Because if you are not, then I am not. And that leads to what is known as confusion and misinformation. You are indeed a divine being, you are from the heart of the Creators, just as I am.
You mention Infinite spirals of creation, so our soul never end, that's why the incarnation is so significant to us!
It is really amazing that the galaxy is actually carry ours (human) imagination & creative mind. what is happening is so unrealistic but at the same time is so real to me!! i have once said "what can be imagined, can become real" and this is also written in my website.
On the 8th Dec 2010 suddenly i got lay off , then suddenly i get in touch with all though informations about 2012 (about the TRUTH)
E.T. might assist us and to teach us new tech and clean energies but we humanity still need to create our own heaven on earth! We humans need to come together AS ONE co-create our new world!
So here i am...i have let go of everything....i gave my hand to the Divine....and my wills are the divine wills!!
Presenting humans as the disturbers of harmony.Harmony with nature, his oldest friend.Man is using nature's soul (Flowers) as his token for love doing nothing for it in return.
God is the JINN with all the divinity and Purity and Humans are the Magician impersonating that Power with all his resources.
A reflection on a dream visit, and the power of forgiveness, what it means to be free from debt of a spiritual nature. A reflection on molestation.
Miracles play an important role especially in Africa and other developing countries where poverty has ravaged the people so much that they cling on anything that looks like deliverance from poverty.
Most people who claim to be practicing christians may not know when they slip into divination. The line between divinity and divination is quite insignificant that one may not know when he crosses the boundry. Christian service requires diligence.
I was prompted to write something on this issue when someone argued me about the historicity of [b]Ka'bah[/b] and [b]Makkah[/b]. This led me to get back on my favourite past-time of browsing through the references. One of the brothers in Cambridge, UK, supplied me with some of the inf...
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