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Why the world today has failed to heed the lessons of history and in again headed toward disaster
"We're gonna go listen to a speech by a guy on 'Is God still relevant in today's scientific world'; you wanna come along?", says Mother to me. I don't care much for religious blah blahing, but then I think it might be a fun activity to go out for, so I say sure.
Taking a hard look at Technology seeing it not as something that brings us together but as something that is being used as tool of division. Like the Luddites before me I am skeptical about the over abundance of tech use.
We need the right motivation to reach a sublime destination of peace, coexistence and sustainability. Ego, hubris and greed have to be consciously defeated by superhuman effort.
This article is about discovering the root behind division in any relationship. The reality is there are laws that govern it.
A divisive minority is holding the majority to ransom by their actions that are inimical to society's interests. The end result is all are made to pay the price for the acts of few; the majority find themselves on the defensive.
Tips to help you make it through algebra and solve word problems.
Do you know how to write computer programs? If you not know, just look through some basic C++ programs using arithmetic operators such as addition(+), subtraction(-), Multiplication(*), division(/) and fractional part etc. This article also contains download link of free software that...
Most earn honest living, love their families. We progress in science and technology. But created diviisons spoil the plot for us to realize our true potential and, thereby, we find ourselves eternally at loggerheads, unable to get out of the rut.
It is still hard to comprehend why people still try to prove they are better than each other
In this text I`ll be looking at writing from a rather creative perspective.
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