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Hardly can you find a bad husband; let every married woman be a good wife and watch the goodness in their husband flow like a river.
monster, uncaring, unloving. They don't realize that they can actually sow the seed of love by their good behavoural attitudes which will in turn bring out the best in their husband. "Whatever you sow you will reap". When you smile at people under normal circumstances they will mile b...
Is divorce the solution or are people afraid of putting in effort to save a marriage?
Oh! Divorshient west This is a poets' version of love that still prevails just anywhere ...a few bad fish only!exist as everywhere...
I've written this in the aftermath of my participation in a recent college course, which related in part to the emotional well being of children Research into the emotional difficulties young children experience in the midst and in the aftermath of traumatic life changing events promp...
Blind date and divorce..The very purpose of dating in a foreign country is to estimate an unknown being sexually and mentally Check on their compatibility and avoid harshness on young children for no fault of theirs.POETRY and prose interlinked to give the impression of action
Technology brought the computer and the the cell phone , the television and the radio. Now we use the smartphone and it is taking up much of our time and the fun of everyday living. Let's try and do without it for just 24 hours.
As my wife and I seek outside advice about my "revelation" to her, we grapple with the issues: how to tell the kids, going on a European Cruise already paid for, and do we stay married? Ah, decisions, decisions???
Opinions spouses You think it's easy staying away from spouses
Here I am going to explain to you the reason why there are so many divorce cases today
Sometimes divorce can be for the better. You think your world is falling apart when you're going through one, especially if you're in love with the one divorcing you. however you may find it's for the best after all.
What's it like to experience the pain of divorce, and what emotions are felt during the process. Not just from the two people involved, but from all sides.
Many women feel the urge more for independence than sex Thus they feel being widowed or divorced brings happiness ..
This article is about divorce in USA, divorce rates and procedures
Marriage is made for life. That is the way God wants it to be. The rate of divorce is alarming and if we continue in this rate, our society and nation at large is doomed.
This article gives the best Ways To Stop Divorce. Read it to know more
The ones who do not oppress them and let them free For everybody, there’s nothing more appreciated than freedom. Imagine that you are taken your freedom. How would you feel? He wouldn’t like it neither.
Problems: Routine in the couple. In a relationship, the excitement and romance are supported by a mutual interest, but it is also necessary to keep the passion by caring for small details...
This article takes a look at divorce and how it affects not only those who are the immediate family but also the extended family as well as close friends.
Parents who are unhappy together and unable to make things better have a difficult choice to make, To divorce or not to divorce? It is rough on the children either way.
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