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What is Parental Alienation? Is your child being used as a pawn in divorce? Are you an adult child who was turned against one of your parents? Read the symptoms, causes, and support that comes with Parental Alienation.
Getting a divorce is a stressful process. If you have kids, then it gets even more complicated. No matter what age your kid is at, he/she will find it extremely difficult to get used to the idea that his/her parents aren’t together.
A dream reduces stress it helps tears roll down It's a part of life as much as is Death So move on LOL
One women discovers her husband has been having an affair..
Hardly can you find a bad husband; let every married woman be a good wife and watch the goodness in their husband flow like a river.
It's one of my earlier satirical works looking into the reason why "40 to 70 percent of women are killed by their partners". I have half a book of these exploring human reasoning on a wide range of subjects written in the similar satirical vein, however more acrimonious.
Is divorce the solution or are people afraid of putting in effort to save a marriage?
If your marriage has been in a tailspin, you or your spouse might be considering divorce. But it’s never too late to turn your marriage around. Changing yourself and the nature of your relationship will help you recover a healthy, fulfilling marriage.
Divorce mediation is a process which is growing increasingly popular for divorcing couples. Depending on the state where the couple is filing for divorce, mediation may be court-mandated or voluntary.
Man is by nature not a one woman man and adultery is common in West and other societies. Islam has a solution, one may agree or not.
The rains have stopped by feelings of blah have not. The sun is shining in through my window and hopefully my plants will dry out, but my mood is not improving.
I am once again a divorced mother. I have recently begun dating a man seriously. I am fearful of my daughter's reaction as our dynamic is different with a handicapped child.
The changes over the last few years have included getting rid of the physical diary. No more paper journal, simply appointment books with notes written in them.
My third marriage has ended in divorce. Now I am trying to cope and answer my child's questions.
As part of coping with a difficult situation I am teaching myself to play the ocarina - here I share my difficulties as well as two songs.
Life issues, especially family issues at the heart of everyone and affect their mental health in either a positive or negative way.
Children often become the bone of contention in Indian divorce cases. Cases prolong. One of the judges has recently come up with a proposal to let parents have joint custody rather than letting only one of the parent get whole and sole rights on the child. The fine print is not yet ou...
I have used positive affirmations to shift my thinking, creating new possibilities in my life. Today's article provides positive affirmations that can be used while in the midst of a crisis.
Oh! Divorshient west This is a poets' version of love that still prevails just anywhere ...a few bad fish only!exist as everywhere...
Custody Battles - Simple ways to write an eloquent recommendation for a deserving parent in your life
When we think of joint custody we think of a couple divorcing and each parent would have an equal say and equal time with their children. However, this is just a small slice of the picture of joint custody and what it really means.
Legal problems and advice related to marriage and divorce
Divorce in most cases is not the solution, but one cannot generalize and sometimes it just has to happen for the good of all
The pain of divorce and unfaithfulness, the desperation of trying to save a 'sinking ship'.
When a love relationship that has lasted decades comes to a painful end, more than the couple gets hurt. The end of their love will create a ripple effect that will affect everyone around them. Often times couples will see the fault in their ways too late and they end up losing far mo...
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