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Diwali is the festival of lights. In India the festival is marked with the custom of Dhanteras, then 14 diyas, Laksmipuja and also the bursting of crackers.
The article speaks about the significance of Laxmipuja on the day of Diwali. For bengalies it is also called Alakhipuja.
The article speaks about the 14 diyas on the day of Diwali. Bengalies begin the festival of lights with the 14 diyas.
The auspiciousness of the festival is within oneself and Diwali ushers a lot of positive and happy vibes around.
The article speaks about the significance of 14 diyas and 14 sakh with which the the festival of deepavali begins.
The article speaks about the piousness and holi spirit of Lakshmipuja that is performed by Hindu during Diwali.
In the last buy some lights from the market Rearrange your wardrobe, kitchen cabinets
The article speaks about the sacredness of Laxmipuja in every Hindu house on the 3rd day of Diwali.
Hindus buy many things are required for conducting Laxmipuja. The buying and selling takes place on the day of Dhanteras. The article speaks about that.
The article speaks about the importance of choddosakh and choddopradip in the life of hindus and that marks the beggining of Diwali in India.
Flowers are the best medium to carry human emotions. The article encourages people to use and send flowers to their beloved ones to wish and greet them.
The article speaks about the auspicious nature of Laxmipuja on the day of Diwali when most of the country celebrates the occasion.
The article speaks about the sacredness of 14 diyas, choddoshak, choddopradip before Diwali.
happy diwali to all of you....may the light of candles and diyas light your fortune ........
Diwali is the festival of light. It is the festival of victory over darkness or evil. Hindus celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm and joy. It is the commemoration of Lord Krishna’s victory over Narakasura, the personification of evil. Who will redeem the people of India fro...
The mixed burfi contains several dry fruits with crisp taste for this Diwali festival the making details are as mentioned below.
Tips to Get a Rail Ticket for Peak Seasons. Here some useful tips are shared for getting reservation in peak season.
Kalakand is one of the famous Diwali sweets can be prepared in the home easily as mentioned below
This article gives the real concept of celebrating the festival Diwali
It was a Diwali day, when I was travelling to my home - Kannur, Kerala, without reservation.
The article speaks about the charm of visiting Jaipur Zoo during Diwali.
India houses pyramid of heritage hotels, offering royal treatment to its guests and let them feel like a king in our country.
A village in South India is celebrating festivals without any bursting noise, just for the sake of bats. They are following this eco-loving principle for the past five generations, more than hundred years.
While the western world is engaged in festive activities of Halloween and feasts of All Saints and All Souls, India in the east is engaged in observing Tula Snan, the Holy Month of Bath and celebrating the Ganges Bath festival, Diwali.
Diwali is an Indian festival of new costumes and distribution of sweets. Halloween is a festival of the western world celebrated with costumes and candies or sweets.Some say that Diwali is an Indian Halloween. But they have different purposes and significances.
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