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Planned Parenthood has reached a new low with the harvesting of fetal bodily organs for sale.
Good and healthy education on food and lifestyle starts at home.
Malpractices by Hospitals and some Doctors to mar the noble medical profession
The use of machines to diagnose illnesses stays at 20% of success. Where as, a well trained dog will detect an illness at 90% of certain results. Why then don't they use dogs instead of machines?
Reggie and Sylvia Mills lived in the next building from me. They were a delightful elderly couple that I befriended until they past away.
Music can be a close friend to everyone who likes to listening it and especially to the young people because Music is the sound that has been organized by using rhythm, melody or harmony. If someone bangs saucepans while cooking, it makes noise. If a person bangs saucepans or pots in ...
Explaining how doctors don't know exactly which medication will work for you. They can only guess and keep changing it until the right one works with a person's chemistry.
Who loves humanity, he/she should look at Cuba. A small country in North Caribbean has a great commitment to humanity. Since winning the revolution in 1959, the Cuban revolutionary Government actively sending a medical brigade to assist people in various issues in all over the world.
A few doctors you have access lists clinics, covered services and drugs by insurance. As the years go health problems are exacerbated and need a plan to cover more services.People with pre-existing conditions like diabetes or impaired capacitance need a more comprehensive plan to cove...
So in August of this year, a young girl dies of the gardisil shot. She was a perfect young girl, ready to start her new year of school. The doctor ask the 12 year old"s mother mother if she wanted to give her daughter the vaccine, and the mother said sure. The day went on and 6 hours ...
A humorous poem about ailments, diseases and germs and how to avoid them.
This poem is an effort to bring out the importance of a doctor's job.
Veterans should not need for any medical care instead it should be provided to them immediately without red tape or any any type of hold-up. Our politicians are great for helping others who cry out for Americans to intervene. We need to think now "No Wounded Veteran Left Behind" when ...
We get pushed into a lifestyle that may not be our inner calling. It serves us well to keep our options open to switch to those by listening to our heart, What matters finally is in following our heart with passion and perseverance even if we fail to achieve our set goals.
Beautiful, calming and relaxing art should be mandatory in institutions, hospitals and waiting rooms. Art is therapy.
Some will be better off not reading this especially if you believe what medical doctors tell least most of them who prefer money to practicing the Hippocratic Oath they took when becoming part of this profession...shame on them and on you for not checking...
Medical Transcription is a great online career option for those who want to work from home and fix their own schedules. A college degree along with a Medical Transcription certification will help to get good job opportunities.
Two facts stand out about my experience with open heart quadruple bypass surgery: It is incredibly invasive and painful; and those who care for you are overworked by institutional design
Combat medics, after putting their lives on the line, start treating the sick local populace to win their hearts and minds, the fog of war forgotten and calm restored...
Part 8 of the ongoing blog series of Life as a Medical Anomaly. In this part I discuss the different types of asthma as an overview and the treatment options available.
November PAD Challenge Day 28- write Workplace Adversity poem.
Have you visited the doctor and he or she answered your question using a language that seems to be foreign. You inquired further, but then you get some complicated explanation. You gave up and decided to conduct your own research. You searched on the internet and your search engine re...
Healthcare literacy is an important factor that can either promote or hinder health care education, practices and outcomes. The lack of the ability to understand, comprehend and apply basic health related information to make proper health choices is a powerful predictor than race or e...
For years we've been observing the destructive development of Monsanto. Many people here in Europe haven't even heard of them and much less understand the negative consequences world-wide of Monsanto "trying to play God". Read on for my personal opinion on the subject.
Breaking News: German Doctors are confirming that they have found a cure for AIDS! A pateint has been confirmed to be cured of the disease after the ground breaking treatment.
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