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Whether God exists is a question people have been trying to answer through the ages. At least once in our life we are asked this question and have to answer. One interesting fellow once observed that if we are asked this question it is always safe to answer that He does exist, because...
This article is about your finding proof of God for yourself. The writer claims that when you live your life in God's way, you will have proof of God then too. We all innately know God's way. This is the way of our conscience. We must all serve God as God wants us to serve him. God ...
Do you feel hope or despair? Do you believe your life has value or do you believe it worthless? Why were you put on this earth? What happens after you die?
The great dilemma was how to fill the great gulf that separated God and man. The magnificence of his beauty and the glorious sight of his face was enough to kill a man.
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