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I have trained my dog named "Aqua" before and i had fun so i think sharing the ways of teaching your dog will also fun so let's start the tutorial.
Most people who are loving their pets usually share a bed with their pets. But, there are things you need to consider if you like to share a bed with your pets.
Two little poems on animal behavior to read and enjoy. Do post your comments.
March 06-09th 2014, will see dogs of all breeds converging on the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre here in the UK, to compete at Crufts, the largest Dog Show in the world, but just who was the man behind the show that still carries his legacy today, and when did it first begin...
This test behavioral Campbell, developed by psychologist William Campbell in the late sixties, has been created to predict behavioral tendencies of puppies subjected to attraction, orders and domination (physical and social) rights .
Each dog breed has different characteristics, specific and well-defined, which makes a subject more or less "typical", that is to say more or less close to the ideal of race and health
When a tsunami comes all dogs alert human beings Let's utilize their advance knowledge at ease...
A man and his dog walk in the Autumn evenings. The dog is old he has has his day.
We are in the hottest months we have here in the deep south and as you fill yourself with life saving water to cool down. Do not forget about your pet, they too need to keep hydrated to stay alive.
First there is Jet, not a significant name for an alpha male cat, but don't dare be mislead by the toned down kind of name, since when it suits him, he can howl like a banshee! Able to send most challengers scurrying in every which direction. Jet has managed to dodge every reckless ca...
January 10, 2011, we were blessed with a snow day. We very seldom have snow days in our area, in southern Alabama. Our dog Bugg sure had fun.
My dog Bugg turned 10 months old September 24. I would like to share with you, a day in Bugg's life and a few other dog related stories.
She really can talk with her own ways. She communicates her willing and gives warnings.
Devotion, Love, Adoration, Loyalty...Something we all long for, but seldom receive... And yet, so often we do not recognise it even when it is under our nose... Perhaps it is time we opened our eyes....and felt the tug of our heartstrings....
Look around the street or walk on the roads, chances are that you may encounter a stray/pet dog somewhere.
Did you know that today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day? I called a dozen well educated friends on the telephone this morning and asked them if they knew what today was and I received some mighty intriguing responses, but none of those responses was “National Dress Up Your Pet Day...
Dogs have their own set of behavioral problems. Lack of proper training methods may badly affect your dog’s behavior and turn your beloved pet into a disobedient, aggressive or unruly dog. As a dog owner you should be aware of these problems and train your dog accordingly.But good...
Working dog breeds have been classified by some dog registry agencies to be with about three subclasses. These are those dogs who are required to work for an equivalent of a humanly job. One of the working dog breed subclasses is the Herding dog group.
Hound dogs they are called. They are the hunters of the canine class. These dogs possess hunting abilities which make them earn their name. Characteristically, these dogs are highly intelligent that they can take control of a prey to a point of chase and kill.
Sporting Dogs, as their group name is derived from their physical qualities and traits, they are primarily fit for the role of a hunter’s assistant. They are dogs with strong physical attributes which makes them fit to be trained to do work.
The Min Pin is the smallest version of the pinscher breed. It stands up to 30 cm.
The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a opular toy breed for everyone.
A activated dog is a happy dog. By helping your dog to get an outlet for it's energy you will get a happier and calmer dog that will obey a lot easier. This will of course reflect in you and make your everyday a better day.
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