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Dog obedience training entails training your dog to observe the various commands that are given unto it. Dog obedience training is essential especially when you want to live with your pet in the house.
Though dogs are naturally bred for different purposes, but it is not deniable fact that there are ferocious and dangerous dogs amongst all.
Owning a dog has a lot of perks apart from having a pet that you can call your own. While some dogs are trainable, the moment you discover a gift for training even dogs that you don’t own, it is time to consider professionalizing that gift. But first, you need to be certified.
I have trained my dog named "Aqua" before and i had fun so i think sharing the ways of teaching your dog will also fun so let's start the tutorial.
Most people who are loving their pets usually share a bed with their pets. But, there are things you need to consider if you like to share a bed with your pets.
Dogs are friendly and lovable, and each breed has its own unique traits or qualities, which makes them even more special.
I am going to share an important advice about dog training with you,something I have learned with my dog.
Pets are often stuck at home while their owners are off on vacation. Pet sitters care for pets while their owners are away. Let's look at some tips for how to be a good pet sitter.
Humans aren't the only ones who swelter during the hot summer. Pets can also suffer from heat-related illnesses. Read on to find out how to keep your pet safe on the hottest days.
This test behavioral Campbell, developed by psychologist William Campbell in the late sixties, has been created to predict behavioral tendencies of puppies subjected to attraction, orders and domination (physical and social) rights .
Each dog breed has different characteristics, specific and well-defined, which makes a subject more or less "typical", that is to say more or less close to the ideal of race and health
Easily housebreak your new puppy with these simple tips and tricks.
Yes, Sweet Tee is 'the baby' of our family. Some would say he is spoiled, I say he is just loved a whole lot. Since he was a rescue dog, we did encounter some problems but, we tackled them with love and a lot of patience.
Try this very effective technique for housebreaking.
Here's what makes me and my poodle companion a unique pair.
This fun dog game is economical and requires very little physical effort on your part. This is a combination that not only makes me happy but, it also gives my Bugg the exercise he needs, so we have a well contented puppy.
We have already been through Bugg's morning routine, we are now carrying on with his afternoon play time. I also added a tip that I use for Bugg, while he goes through his teething stage.
My dog Bugg turned 10 months old September 24. I would like to share with you, a day in Bugg's life and a few other dog related stories.
We don't need to look far to find an owner who bears an uncanny resemblance to his or her dog; they seem to share expressions and behavior reminiscent of each other.
Some of the most frequently asked questions I receive in my practice relate to behavior problems in dogs and cats.
On Monday morning, 15th August 2011 at 8:15 a.m. the Vet phoned to tell me that my dearest little friend, a Jack Russell named Bisto, my constant companion, was terminally ill after we gave him a well known and prescribed de-worming medicine, which we discovered, he was allergic to.
Pesticides can be harmful to pets, people, and the environment. Here are some tips for killing fleas and stopping a home infestation the natural way.
If you have two or more dogs, I am sure you want them to get along. Them getting along will only make for a happier home for all and also, they will be well contented dogs. I have a few tips that just might help you achieve this.
A Great day out with my friend and his dog Molly at the dog show,read on to find out how she got on....
it was at that precise moment that I knew he had decided that we were to be buddies for life. We had to decide on a name, so Daleen suggested, that since he was the new decision maker around here, that he would choose his own name.
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