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I have trained my dog named "Aqua" before and i had fun so i think sharing the ways of teaching your dog will also fun so let's start the tutorial.
You may be owning a lovely canine, but does it recognize you as his/her owner? Read on and learn how to instill basic obedience commands in the mind of your dog.
This is one of the dog recipes I make for Bugg and Sweet Tee. I started the process of changing my dogs diet, after one was diagnosed with diabetes.
No wheat, no corn, dog biscuits. These biscuits are easy and fun for your children to make and a healthy treat for your dog to enjoy. Even if your dog is, or is not a diabetic.
Frosty paws ice cream is good but, add a few extra ingredients and it will become a even more healthy treat for your dog. Especially diabetic dogs.
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