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The bonding of empathy factor keeps our spirits up, gives us meaning, and a higher purpose for our existence here. However, we ignore our inner calling to create a lifestyle that is at loggerheads with the creative purpose. An ideal world is far from reality due to our myopic thinkin...
Though we are aware that greed is negative, we are too caught up with the desire to accumulate wealth beyond our needs. We need a shift in consciousness to re-balance the way we assess a successful life to lead to a society of harmony.
When a country is very corrupt, government officers there can do things you will never believe they are capable of committing. Won't you find out?
Few adopt cunning ways to get ahead in life. They may prove shortcuts to material success and political power, but they destroy the soul of society. It is time to redefine success to include less of selfish pursuits and more of inclusive effort.
Though we are seen to leave this world at the blink of an eye what passes through our minds in those final moments matter. It is said the sum and substance of life replays in those moments - what we did between birth and death. That imprint will remain.
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