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Success takes application, not too much dreaming. Oh, yes, dreaming and scheming comes up with the idea, but, application is the thing that does everything. Don't let the three steps fool you, any successful idea has them, by the way.
"We all want to win, but who loves to train to win?" Mark Spitz, eight time Olympic Gold Medal Winner, and the guy who won gold medals after him in the Olympics wanted to party for a while before he trained some more and won more gold hardware at the most recent Olympics in Rio, Brazi...
Any goal is a direction, without goals you have no direction, not even a hint of it. Sure, you can have all the power and persistence in existence, but without definite direction or a goal, it is nothing.
Many can visit and have visited these planets whether in their dreams, out of their body or in another lifetime. Doing does it!
A short and succulent piece for acne sufferers to help cure their affliction and also for those of us who need to steam and clean using natural methods.
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