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Facts of LIFE.....When you leave Lords you won't even know so burn up all your dough that's what I am doing ...all will as it is blow ...why not we do it our self also..Read on for more to knw
Dollar phobia! THE WORLD TAKES DOLLAR VALUE AS BASE OR basis for evaluation Just think what a dollar can buy in the West and East ...You will smirk at your own folly
Dollars is all that one thinks of today to pass one dollar-full day So do add DOLLARS to my worth today
The world economy revolves around major currencies of various nations. They stand as financial representatives of their respective countries. Let’s go around the globe to get in touch with the most important entities of the business arena.
The privileged status which greenback enjoys is the resultant of politico-economic standing of its country. Strength of a currency is dependent on the financial capabilities and reputation of the geographic unit it represents and not vice-versa.
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