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Following on from previous articles. I want to my abuse topics. This one is on domestic violence. It is wriiten from my personal experience as a survivor, and not from a professional opinion which can be biased sometimes. This page is written as a campaign on wikinut. I'd like police ...
This is my opinion piece on why Chipotle should be boycotted
This a poem I wrote to honor domestic violence victims. Hopefully to give them something to hope for, and to help them get assistance should they choose to do so.
He seemed so sweet and charming but he was hiding a dark secret. He was my brother-in-law and a violent, abusive husband to my sister. Read on to learn from my story and help avoid domestic violence in your family.
This is page is about suffering of people in violent relationships
Shane Franklin Miller,45,gunned down his wife and two young innocent daughters. This tragedy nightmare was the night of May 7,2013,near Shingletown.
It's time to shed light on the emotional and mental abuse aspect of a domestically violent and abusive relationship.
What happens in a family when domestic violence is a way of life?
Being grown in a family where domestic violence is a daily routine, it is somewhat my experiences and observations which would be writing this article...
Domestic Violence is more than just a family problem, it is an issue that involves society as a whole.
As a survivor of abuse my story starts with random memories, some sad but all true. Love was never enough nor was trying to be the perfect wife and mother. Struggles in my life and demons in my head to overcome. Rebuilding me.
This article is about domestic violence. We must avoid it for sure.
This is a long read, but it just might save the life of someone you love.
Domestic violence affects everyone, and must stop for love in relationships to grow
Not only women are victims but also men. Recent attacks on men in Kenya has necessitated this article
This is a poem on intimate partner violence, something that's affecting so many couples in the world today,
The dark and hidden side of Domestic Violence always makes for uncomfortable reading, but still it happens, and still too many stay silent as they make excuses for their bruised limbs, and broken spirit...When is it going to stop? When do they make their voice heard, or will they be s...
Violence in the home is a besetting sin of our age. There is nothing so horrible as living with an abusive partner.
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