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The article explains what is overpopulation, how it happened?, what are its effects, what impact it has globally and How it can be stopped. This article focuses on the one global problem of Over Population and its drastic effects leading to the generation of much worse problems like G...
As a survivor of abuse my story starts with random memories, some sad but all true. Love was never enough nor was trying to be the perfect wife and mother. Struggles in my life and demons in my head to overcome. Rebuilding me.
This is about people staying in a relationship when you know damn well there is no true love there.. Abuse comes in many forms from hitting with actions and hurting with words, People really need to realize that staying in a relationship for the kid is not the way to go.. And no child...
Domestic violence affects everyone, and must stop for love in relationships to grow
This is the start of my journey, of how I finally found the nerve to put my fingers to the keyboard, write on Wikinut and let it all out.
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