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First the Russians were accused of electing Donald Trump. Now they are accused of spending their “dirty money” in London.
The conspiracy against Donald Trump has now been laid bare for all to see.
The multibillionaire Donald Trump has been accused of taking care of the rich. On Friday, he held a summit designed to assist those at the bottom of society.
There have been two amazing developments in the absurd witch-hunt of Donald Trump.
The people who portray Donald Trump as mad appear to have lost their minds.
What do Donald Trump and feminist airheads have in common? More than you’d think.
Top Democratic politicians are still claiming Donald Trump is a Russian agent, but is this all a smokescreen?
Russia is no longer a threat to the United States; the real enemy is the enemy within.
Hillary Clinton has portrayed Vladimir Putin as the Devil Incarnate. This hysteria has now crossed the Atlantic.
The Trump/Russia collusion narrative is dead, but the Democrats are still making out Vladimir Putin to be the bad guy.
The people who started a campaign to impeach Donald Trump have ended up impeaching themselves.
When Donald Trump declared his intention to drain the swamp, he could not have imagined the magnitude of the problem he was tackling.
Once you’ve dug yourself into a hole, it’s a good idea to stop digging. The Democrats have yet to learn that lesson.
The term fake news is now a well-recognised phrase, but how accurate is even non-fake news?
If you believe the mainstream media, Donald Trump is the most hated man in America. Fortunately, nobody does.
The harder the President’s enemies try to impeach him, the dirtier they look.
Is Donald Trump the instigator of a massive conspiracy, or the victim of one?
The Trump Administration has made a mockery out of the office of the Presidency and made the whole world on edge.
If you’ve ever had any doubts about the dishonesty of the mainstream media, look how it is now reporting on Donald Trump.
YouTube is under pressure to remove offensive advertisements. Obviously it needs the revenue, but should it?
The insane world of Donald Trump and the Republican led Congress.
The Democratic Party of the United States have developed a plan for the removal from power of President Republican Donald Trump. This was reported on Friday, February 24, channel the RT.
The following sets of rhyming couplets are a reaction to these times.
There is a secret on a leader's stability of rule, however if applied rigorously to achieve his or her stability, the sacrifice for it will in the world as we know it be a perpetual acceptance of ruthlessness (negativity) which by universal standards is unacceptable. So what is the ...
Donald has banned travel to the USA from 7 nations but the ban looks flawed as it targets the wrong nations while leaving out the real culprits.
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