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Martine Jadotte, founder, President and CEO has dreamed of creating better lives for children who are not as fortunate to a family or access to life’s most basic necessities since her childhood.
Yeah Mi Lordz I did wonder..where you'd lost in thunder ..forgot to give me the news ANOTHER HAPPY BIRTHDAY to LOVERME from all WIKIS
Welcome to the grim world of the deprived Indian child! The future almost always seems to look bleak for them, and never ever rosy!
Donate your organs..We have a body which is buried or cremated one day with many still useful organs, which could give life to those who are ill and in pain and in need, sans money .This is a thought I'd like to share with all Wiki's
There is nothing quite like 675 miles of treasures that spring to life in this 4-day long yard sale that occurs every year on the first Thursday in August. Over 5,000 individual yard sales will be stretching across Highway 127 from Gadsden, Alabama to Hudson, Michigan.
Before donating any food to a Food Bank please consider that donating junk food is not doing them any service. I suppose people donate junk food because they think it is a nice treat for the poor, but this junk food is unhealthy and causing health issues, even obesity, in people who ...
Donations all ..Most people can't part with their surplus money We must help all whom we can while living with our money and ere we die with our organs
An Indian origin American doctor couple donated $ 12 million to US university of The University of South Florida.
This page is about donating our kidneys, we must come forward to do it
Some kind heart persons will give donations to the orphanage, charity and homes,
This Article is about bill Gates. There are very interesting Facts about bill gates,which you will love to read.
In late 2010, I promised myself to accomplish things for 2011. I did not make a specific list, instead I thought of doing something that may touch some people's lives in one way or another. As the year 2011 comes to an end, I am proud to say that my missions have been accomplished.
Yes we should try to show more appreciation for our veterans, making sure they and their families can have a good life.
What do you do if you see money on the ground? Would you be happy to pick it up or would you leave it. What would you do with the money that you've picked up?
We often make charity for something or the other by donating clothes for the poor or food.The charity what we do we get and relief that the things what we offer is given in the right hands but where as in charity we are not sure that the things offered is gone in right hands or no bec...
IMOM is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) charity founded in 1998. Jacki founded IMOM in memory of Magic, her Magic Cat.
It is almost Christmas, your local Animal Shelter needs donations. In fact they need donations all year long, these are the things that animal shelters need most. Written with the help of my wife, who worked at an SPCA for 5 years.
Donating hair to cancer patients may seem like a good idea, but would you feel the same if you knew that Locks of Love is a scam?
One among the noblest things in the world is Blood Donation. Generally more talked about and seldom a reality.
This article describes things to look for when being solicited for donations online.
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