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street children should not be despised, we need to embrace them with love and give them hope for the future, some people have a negative attitude towards these kids and this is what stigmatizes them.
Growing up in a single parent home, I know how not having a father present can impact children first-hand. Taking care of your own child shouldn't even be a decision, it's simply one of those things you just have to do. The absence of a parent permanently scars children psychologicall...
November PAD Challenge Day 3- Write a poem about something that scares you.
I wrote this poem to address the issue of underage smoking. That's a costly mistake that I made growing up without the proper guidance. I want our youth to know that there's nothing "cool" about smoking. You'll be better off in the long run if you don't smoke period.
This article is about don'ts in social sites. We must avoid the following things while using a social site.
Have you ever told yourself over and over not to do something, only to end up doing it? Have you ever told somebody to stop smoking, only to have them smoke more? The reason for this is because the subconscious mind is fooled by the negative words, and ignores them.
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