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Real progress is achieved only when there is compassion, love, understanding and inclusiveness. We are in a rut and invite wrath when we set one rule for us but cry foul when others too follow the same yardstick.
Are you aware that a double standard between men and women exists in regards to employment in the retail and hospitality industries? In some areas this double standard favors women over men? Find out about the glass closet and how it affects the lives of those caught in it.
Captain Alfred James Somajar Korthrox is outraged by the racial and lopsided treatment suffered by helpless and weaker countries at the hands of the mighty ones and warns them accordingly. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
I can't believe this is happening in my home state. And at the same time, I am not in the least surprised. While I think it is appropriate to teach modesty, I believe a line is crossed when one gender must work harder to be modest than the other.
This article is about dealing with double faced persons who are back stabbing us
Ever been going through the day and had the thought 'Why is that woman acting that way, and why isn't anyone pointing it out to her?' If so, this article may be for you.
The changes in the family, has an effect on the wider society, also the breakdown in many systems.
Those organization, that were supposed to be the one for guidance have their problems, so who the youth should follow
How thing has changed, as what used be be closed is now open and accepted. Maybe a change in attitudes
What would be her purpose of going to the public through people magazine, would it be to set the matter straight, or would it simply be revenge?
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