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This evangelist considered himself a 'military hop missionary'. He would crisscross the globe flying on military planes sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.
The first in a series about a road trip to France, this is the prelude. It certainly was an adventure - or perhaps even a thriller (!!) - our trip from North East England to Dover, battling with the traffic on our English motorways.
Since I'm off to tour La Belle France for a spell of sightseeing, I thought it a grand idea to let you know (in rhyme, of course) what I'll be doing - and, indeed, where I'll be doing it! See you Wikinutters in a couple of weeks. AU REVOIR, MES AMIES...enjoy my little ditty!
Dover Castle history is from Henry II, Medieval Dover Castle, French invasion, Roman pharos to First World War, Second World War, secret wartime tunnels, Normandy on D-Day till Berlin Wall in 1989, English Heritage.
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