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I am glad when I am able to put pen to paper in any given situation.
There comes a time in every life when we must come down from our mountains and learn to love anew.
Have you ever had an embarrassing moment that still makes you want to enter the ground?, I bet that it can't top this. The funniest thing is that she asked how old I was, can you imagine?
So much goes on on these wikinut pages and I have many loving friends here and also those who are not...but those who in againstness be will find themselves dying slowly and painfully.. that is the Law of those who are in loving God bless...
It hard to understand why a team that has been champion is still after many years still on the down.
We all have ups and downs. At the end of struggles people sometimes claim that they have gone through a suffering and have come out delightfully on the other side. One senses a degree of pride in the accomplishment and fulfillment. But, in reality there is no happiness nor sorrowfulne...
The straight guy that flirts with the Effeminate guys and sometimes most other gay man for fun or because they are sincere.
How do you know that's on the Down-Low? Wait. Do you know what that means? Let's find out.
Who's your Daddy? Do you know what's the other implied meaning? You'll be surprised.
Your Non-typical Characters are the one that do not fit any one archetype or another. These are the most variable characters of your book.
We are always given choices where we can go what we can do with our lives. Will you choose the upper path or the one that leads to I have said it is always your choice....
The way you accept things helps or hinders how you deal with them every day. A positive attitude helps you overcome and survive, so buck up, little guy! Happiness is contagious, and will help in overcoming obstacles.
I noticed that snowdrops had appeared on the edge of my lawn as if to say , winter will soon be past , and Spring is on its way.
The day will arrive when you, me depart the land of the living and move on to another dimension but where we go is predicated on what, how we have acted in this lifetime..always it is your choice
Not quite sure how the stats work this is my silly poem to help me see how it all adds up !
As a child , I used to play with a big box of bricks , and I was just thinking of them after seeing some similar today.
This is the part where two really good friends, after they kissed, they try to explain what they feel.
A short poem about being woken up in the night and finding a thief. Don`t be brave just call the police.
This article gives more energy to you to face downtime in your life. If you need motivation just read this article, you will get energy
This is for anyone who has ever felt a little low. There are things we can do to cheer ourselves up, just find which one works for you and put it into practice.
Thinking, feeling, self-reflection, self-judgement, self-loathing, all of the above. What it feels like to be stuck in your own life, but not really wanting to escape.
Not all seeing is believing but when things vanish into thin air, one can't help but to think that there is more than meets the human eye.
Yes this is a state, the seems to creep on people and some do not even know they are a victim.
Pretty gloomy outlook for any of us. Let us look up and live!
"Stop letting me down.." she whispers in her sleep.. with tears on her face and.. questions in her head.. Does anyone ever try to come and help? Does anyone ever put a little effort to put her out of this cold and dark place?
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