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Dad, Molly and Milly are on their way home from downtown. Dad interviewed the first neighbor of the murder victim but nothing much came from that interview. Dad did get a parking ticket though and he was not happy about that. Milly was happy they were going home. That was where sh...
Dad is in the middle of a murder investigation. The police captain has called to ask Dad to interview the neighbors of the victim. Molly is going to tag along and she's asked Milly to accompany them.
Dad's bound and gagged and Molly and Milly have gone for help. Molly's scared and Milly is crying and Dad is in trouble.
Molly and Milly have gone to find Dad. He went into the building and Molly is afraid something bad will happen to him. It's going to be harder maneuvering around the building with Milly but she is refusing to stay in the car.
Dad and Molly had just pulled up to an old abandoned building. Dad was going to do surveillance and Molly was there to protect him. He was still a little miffed at Molly so she was going to stay in the backseat.
Molly is a little border collie and this is her story. She's as close to human as a little dog can get. Trouble follows her wherever she goes.
If you are planning to visit Milwaukee come and see some of things that the downtown has to offer. Some of things in this article will cover some of those things that visitors can expect to see in the downtown area.
I just got back from a short trip to Medicine Hat in southern Alberta, the city was suffering from a flood at the time.
This is about Billy and how a bad situation got worse.
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