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I have been away from Wikinut for a while as I was preoccupied with writing my children's book and getting it published. Now my friends at Wikinut can see the fruit of my labor. I am the first Indian to publish a children's book for American children.
The problem with being a giant sea serpent, is that you're too big to be played with other than by other sea serpents. But that's not going to stop Seeslang the sea serpent, as Miauli finds out in horror...
Zoey has given up on her spy mission. She's thrown in the towel. Her best friend Duece couldn't be happier. Life will get back to normal and there will be no more talk of vampires, ghosts or anything remotely like that.
Zoey is preparing for another night of spying on the new neighbors. She believes they really are vampires so she has taken certain precautions. She's wearing a garlic necklace and she's made one for her friend Duece. He's going on the mission under duress. At this point he thinks ...
Zoey is now convinced that the new neighbors are vampires. She's spent the afternoon making a necklace out of garlic. The whole kitchen smells like garlic and mom is starting to worry about Zoey's obsession with the old stone house.
Zoey, Duece, Mom, Chloe and Bernard ran for their lives when they left the Stone House. Mom finally got the bleeding stopped on Zoey's head. That bat had taken a nice little chunk out of Zoey's head. Now mom was afraid Zoey would get rabies. Zoey was in her room reading her spy nove...
Zoey and her best friend Duece are in the midst of an undercover operation. They'd had a little mishap and Duece was limping along but they were almost at their destination. Zoey was determined to find out what was really going on at the old stone house.
Zoey has her heart set on meeting the new neighbors. The first day she fell in a big puddle and ran home soaking wet. The second day she tried to spy but the house was closed up tight. Tonight she has enlisted the help of her best friend Duece to do an undercover operation.
Zoey the dragon is busy planning her day. She has her heart set on meeting the new neighbors. They moved into into the old stone house yesterday. Mom thinks the house is haunted because creepy things happen there. She asked Zoey to stay away from the house but Zoey is determined. ...
Is it possible for a vampire and a dragon to be friends? The new neighbors have moved in and Zoey the dragon wants to meet them more than anything. Yesterday she had tried and failed but today was a new day.
Zoey wants to get a glimpse of the new neighbors. She knows there's a girl that lives there because she saw a big doll house. Zoey is dressed in her finest clothes. If she should happen to run into someone from the house they will be very impressed with her.
New neighbors are moving into the old neighborhood. Can a dragon and a vampire become friends?
Old Rugby players never die or give up, they just go on and go on facing each life's new challenges with a renewed effort.
Dear human race Why do you act like you do? We were once of the same playground, we shared everything, good and bad, but then you evolved and you forgot all about us. Growing up, I was in awe in of the human species, I could not believe that you were once like us, an animal aiming fo...
I stared at it for a good two minutes before realising that I had absolutely no idea how to handle this situation at all. So I texted my sister: "Hi... what am I supposed to do if there's a fire truck in my room?"
This is a poem about a dragon that wants to play every minute of the day. He's a feisty little dragon that causes trouble every day.
A college student named David, renting a room for the term, gets a bit more than he bargained for at the Pennykettle house with its dragon-sculpting housemum and her daughter Lucy.
Finding the perfect good luck charm falls onto the eyes of the beholder. The law of attraction, positive feelings, good vibes and the overwhelming feeling of self-fulfilling expectations from every situation and how you perceive it can all affect the outcome, good or bad.
This is a poem of something as simple as breathing and what an influence it can have so inhale and exhale while reading pleas do enjoy
The rebirth through pain, that one pain that hurts more than any other.
What the World needs now is another Dragon poem. Well, thats what I was told, so please enjoy a Dragon tale by Bravo Von Muller, who is featured in the European Tribes of North America book of poems (ETNA book of poetry).
A fantasy metaphor of Irish dreams and Celtic winds that are so right for the world of poetry. May the luck of the Irish go with you from day to day.
With a knight on horseback out of Ferrero Rocher, i couldn't resist converting it into a far more dramatic scene
I made a horse out of Ferrero Rocher tinfoil wrapping - recycled art
Having made a horse, I decide to convert it into an even more elaborate creation - a knight on horse back
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