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This article will explain my inactivity, however, this story is all about a guy on a website, where I had been amazed by, and felt sorry for. The thing was, I did want to hang out with this guy, and I am actually glad he stopped me from doing what I was doing.
short poems .. with deep meaning and feeling and inspiration .. part 1 (more to come) 1) Feeling lost then finding your way ... Love 2) Feeling afraid .. overcome 3) Live you life, follow your dreams
A small sample of a novel I am working on. The current title is "Waking". The story is still being developed. I hope to finish it by 2016.
A variety of subjects according to what my mind decides to create when the moment to write arrives.
The American south has both the heart of a nation and the scars to bear for its discrepancies. Truly nothing feels better than home and these old-fashioned values define this region and it's fascinating culture, it may not be for everyone but no-one its prouder and more loyal to their...
some encounters --- change your life --- forever! theirs changed too................
Robert Browning (1812-1889) spent his time in the private library of his father and much of his education came from his well-read father.
I try not to take the soaps too seriously, and with this in mind, have renamed a few of them.
New zone brings about changes that one must either adapts to or deteriorate. You will read about dramatic situations that's capable of driving a person to total insanity.
The story is like a science fiction story that will make you get reminded of Richie Rich's science fiction editions
Remembering Natalie Wood, the beautiful and talented actress, who sadly lost her life at the age of 43.
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