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Do you want to write, but you don't know what to write about? Think of your childhood and you'll discover that your childhood is a mine of ideas.
Sketching is an exploration of the subject. It is a quick and dirty activity. Taking a lot of time on a sketch is counterproductive for an artist, since several sketches often form the basis for a final drawing, painting,
When words fail me I draw, my drawings are always an accurate reflection of my heart and always made in a flow of intense sentiments. Also, very self centered.
Danny and Meme make the ultimate move to step into the painting to see if Bell was telling the truth.
In years past art was a thing of value, respected by the purchaser. Now days people want instant art, cheaply reproduced meaningless art, something for their walls to match their sofa. Why not take a chance and buy something REAL from a unknown artist?
The Taj Mahal complex is surrounded by red sandstone walls except for the side facing the river.
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