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A dream reduces stress it helps tears roll down It's a part of life as much as is Death So move on LOL
We all go back to where we started. The primitive, plain and non-complex living with the basics.
Written for my beautiful girlfriend, a poem about being lost and found again.
Dreams are the entranceway to associate degree inner world, a world even as real because the one outside. what's outside is additionally within; what's inside is additionally outside.
At seventeen years of age Joseph is clearly his father's favorite son, which does not endear him to his brothers. Being a Tattletale and a dreamer causes the cauldron to boil over.
What is Sleep Paralysis? When does it happen? How to overcome it? Know everything about this very rare condition.
For my nearly sixty years of existence, I have speculated deeply about who and what I am, or might be. I have searched both high and low for answers, answers that could suitably satisfy me. In the end, the only thinking that I could ever accept about any of this spiritual stuff, tur...
This short story is about someone called John who goes to Heaven and meets up with God. God gives him a rather mysterious letter to read, with strict instructions to him not to read it right now. Later on though, after reading this letter from God, it somehow disappeared. John told ...
Even when we are very different, in the end, the dream is exactly the same.
It's about a girl that gets caught up in the fantasy plus it was a dream I had long time ago. I can still picture it in my mind when i reread the poem. Hope you like. Please comment.
Even in old days, dreams interpretation is widely use as a prediction to one's faith. It serves as a warning to prevent possible tragedy. Animal dreams are common to us. I listed here some of animals and their meaning in dreams.
I wake up from a nightmare. I can't remember what it was about or how it started, but I do remember that Stingley and I got into a really heated argument.
It's about a girl who is confused with her dream. This poem just came to me. Something triggered it in my brain and I don't remember what it was. I hope you like it. Please comment on what you liked and didn't like
Just because somebody is a decomposed, rotted away buried corpse, doesn't mean they shouldn't come visit you and say hi from time to time, just to catch up. It would be rude not to.
Ah, how comfortable we feel, Majesty and I, sleeping in a room with brown bricks, on a bed with a lot of straight brown wood in it. Come to think of it, where are we? Oh well, we feel at home here so let's not try to think too hard while I'm half sleepy and half awake here on the bed,...
John had a dream which he lost all recall of. Here he uses a meditation technique to recall the lost memory of the dream. All of our experiences, including those we have in our nightly dreams, are recorded for us in the Akashic records, by our own souls, and by the souls of other ent...
L.O.V.E. - The ultimate of desirable words. But is it Real?
Even while in prison, Joseph remains faithful to God and continues to prosper.
I had a rather interesting dream recently where the dream scene took place within a foreign country to the one that I live in right now. The people within my dream were talking in their own language around me. This particular dream caused me to ponder on where such dreams might come...
it was nothing but a watery dream filled with pure hope.
The dried life got the most beautiful chance to reborn again, giving everybody new and fresh hope.
I awake early on Christmas morning and I'm just too excited to go back to sleep.
Sometimes, time is the only one capable to answer the doubts that linger inside of our soul.
I write here of a science fiction that maybe a possibility derived from the invention in MIt of converting thoughts to words
Isaac and Rebekah, afraid that Esau will make good on his threat to kill his brother, send Jacob away to live with his mother's relatives.
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