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Dream all Lovers and Friends...Life is nothing but a long dream as if on a stage we ll are dancing
The second chapter sees Elizabeth remembering the mining town of Opalgem: how it looked like and the spartan life of the miners lived-the horror of the life in this town in the heart of the Australian outback slowly come back to her.
Poem of a man having a dream inside of a dream experiencing a tragedy.
The poem inspires those, who do not believe that life is like this we have to fight, until the end...and to encourage negative people to change their mind, set this time to positive.
Even in old days, dreams interpretation is widely use as a prediction to one's faith. It serves as a warning to prevent possible tragedy. Animal dreams are common to us. I listed here some of animals and their meaning in dreams.
One inspirations, one fanciful, both, I hope, entertaining and enjoyabel
I was introduced to the world of motivational speaking and self-development when I was a teenager, and some of my best teachers were John Mason and Zig Ziglar. They are famous for propagating that we should find our gifts, be original and pursue our passions.
Conditions that affect sleep, our health, and mental health include such topics as bad dreams and nightmares.
I write here of a science fiction that maybe a possibility derived from the invention in MIt of converting thoughts to words
Sometimes we have difficulty getting back to sleep after waking up at some time, or another in the wee small hours of the morning. This had been happening to me too. This is what I did about it, just the other night. I had an experience again with my little dog Abbey, who I still lo...
This article talks about healing on both the individual and planetary levels. The writer here claims that healing the individual in a way that fits them individually is always the best way to go. One way of approach never suits everyone. We are all unique. We all must heal, and be ...
There are many myths about dreaming and many facts about dreaming, as well. Here are some myths about dreams and the facts that correspond to them.
These poem speaks about the deam of a poet, who wishes to publish her poems.
It is funny how some things turn out, a love poem on one hand, a broken heart on the other as all things come in the proper order.
This short story is about John. John is sixty-two now. For all of his life, John has been shy, and with-drawn, and he has suffered from an inferiority complex. He never allowed anyone, but anyone, to ever come close to him, except for those who picked on him, and forced their closen...
You open your eyes, you forget the depth of the abyss, you forget the depth of oblivion and thickness of indifference... Arcane and fractal nightmare...
A little bit of poetry every now and then lightens the heart, sharpens the emotions and fuels the need for possibly anything. That's the blessing and curse, for being a writer.
This is about a dream a young girl and boy shared in the long ago of my life, and a cold room in Mexico that still comes to haunt me...This is just the beginning of how this addict was made...It comes one nightmare at a time...And it is never ending.
I dream only..Most of the time we all dream .....about what others are dreaming of
Progress continues as I see and become the "light".
I continue my attempt to help Jimmy and Sadie and ultimately Susie by Infiltrating Jimmy’s Dreams.
Love can be a fleeting thing, a kiss lost, a tough untouched, a dream unfolding. This is a poem about all these things and more.
The fall..As winter is about the fall becomes stout to lead the pathway so as to enable all to indoors stay for the next months till May Dreams are a manifestation of mind’s perception in silence
This is a poem of something as simple as breathing and what an influence it can have so inhale and exhale while reading pleas do enjoy
If you have dreams this is for you if your living the dream this is for you if you forgot your dreams this is for you
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