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Lance Abernethy of New Zealand invented the small power drill but it can drill only skin or tissue paper. He is claiming that this is the world's smallest Power Drill ever made.
At first, the team of geologist was drilling a site to looking for gas in Darvas, Uzbekistan but accidentally they found a massive underground cavern that was filled with gas. The hole where they drilled now keeps burning nonstop because of the gas.
This page is to commemorate the publishing my very first page on Wikinuts. Normally not an event to go nuts about, but then I am the nutty kind and what overwhelms me is that the moderator, took time off on a Sunday to actually pass and publish the piece. I am very deeply grateful to ...
Know the safety tips when using a power tools. Tools and equipment must be in good condition to prevent injuries.
To install a medicine cabinet is usually easy if there are two people present.
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