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Coffee is the second most commodities issued around the world after oil, and daily consumption usually exercised by all due to their taste and smell and benefits. Everything has been said contradictory statements about coffee, but certainly it has great health benefits, despite some ...
How long will this continue to go on, how many more children will suffer.
Green tea is a healthy drink that can improve your overall well being. Its popularity has grown significantly. If you have never had a green tea before, read this article to find out all the reasons why you should start having green tea regularly.
Here in Bulgaria we believe in grandma’s wisdom and the ancient traditions as well. That’s why very often we use natural methods for healing many symptoms. Many people suffer from very high blood pressure which couldn’t be healed at all due to the specialists. In fact, it could ...
Seriously, sometimes servants are like children. Literally. They don't think, they don't plan ahead, they don't realize that things cost money, and they don't mind being wasteful. Oh, Master will always provide, right? Why should they worry about anything? Their employer is a bottomle...
Children don't need such drinks with added vitamins, but appetizing, cooked meals.
A merry heart really does good like a medicine and it tends to make a cheerful countenance. When we obtain joy and gladness, sorrow and sighing will then flee away.
Why I drink Coffee, and what I'm like without it. This is for Coffee Addicts everywhere who get grumpy without coffee. It is short but it is written to prove we are normal!
Lviv is a fabulous unearthed gem in a proudly beautiful, richly welcoming country Ukraine. Beneath the ground of this remarkable visual treasure hides a time capsule waiting to be discovered by people with some local knowledge and passion for adventure. 'Kryivka' is a cultural experie...
Since Valentine's Day exists and is around the corner, we'll see what the lonely can do to have a pleasant day.
What will you do at Christmas? These ideas may help for those who live on their own.
Tea has become a popular drink. Everyone likes to invigorate himself by taking small sips of tea. It is said that the tea improves the work efficiency and stamina. A short tea break is takes in every office during the office hours. During this break, people sit together, exchange goss...
Water - Water Everywhere --- But how much do we drink? I had seen some bad days when I neglected this God gifted elixir of life. This is an article about the health benefits that I restored when I developed a habit of drinking water.
I wrote this poem on 2013-08-19. I'm not very proud of what I'm talking about in this poem/lyrics, but it is what it is, it was, what it was. Everytime I write, I write about myself, my dreams, desires, feelings, romances. Now my poems are more sensous and passionate, but I just wante...
I wrote this poem on 2014-01-04. This poem reminds me of a new year evening and a wild night. A night when I met some cool people and we got drunk. We were walking down the Kaunas streets and watching fireworks, kissing, sitting in the bars, smoking, sitting by the river, drinking gin...
Coffee or Tea most people will drink one or the other which do you enjoy the most, maybe you like both, some people don't drink either.
- A popular drink in many countries of the world -Interesting facts about coffee -Coffee affects the concentration
In the midst of all the fun Rainbow Ice comes to refreshing atmosphere. You can create your own to enliven the atmosphere in your family, it can also be used as a trading business.
A poem about drinking a screwdriver, and the polarity of the color spectrum arranged into noteable patterns.
Poem about my life, my family, the goods, the bads, and the proud moments shared between loved ones.
It is common knowledge that a healthy diet combined with exercise are important for a better quality of life attitudes. Besides these, research indicates that you can adopt other simpler ways to further promote your health
Publication of a scientific report in which scientists studied the lifestyle of James Bond and drew conclusions about the damage to his health the drinking and smoking would do (with the intention of warning us about the dangers of unhealthy lifestyle choices) prompted todays post.
At breakfast drink what you choose? Water, coffee, or tea? Although it seems trivial, various types of drinks are also rich in benefits. Nutrition can help the body stay energized in the morning.
Most of the modern people think that it can be used only for its purpose of juice. But the fact is that it can be cut, shredded and used in many ways for medicinal and culinary purposes.
Drink Dance and Die and then don't say I never warned you for love and happiness you wanted too
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