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Did you know that over 4 million accidents happen in North America each year? Approximatively 15% are fatalities. The causes are various, from distracted driving, to texting, alcohol, technical issues, weather conditions etc. Statics reveals that 95% of these accidents could be avoide...
Its an experience shared by someone who had to push his car all the way back to his home,when he wanted a great evening enjoying with his family.
Sometimes new surroundings can give you new perspectives, new ideas, as well as renewed inspiration. Of course everything also feels better if your feet feels good, so it's a pity my skatershoes that I came with are hurting my feet.
In this article, I look to describe my personal connection with the word 'resilience.' Specifically, I detail my life's journey so far, discussing what gives me my drive to move forward, and steps I've taken to achieve my dreams.
How to move with a cat? How to take your cat with you when you travel? The best way to transport a pet cat. How to take a cat with you in a car.
In 2007, Richard Hammond left his Porsche on traffic and ran all the way to his home for 16 miles to make it for his daughter birthday
Going with my husband to work, he works in the country and we are travelling to one of the little towns outside of Witbank, South Africa.
The most worrying factor of today is of old people involved in accidents. It is time for traffic police to look into the matter of old people driving in busy traffic. Though there are many old people who drive perfectly, but there are also plenty of old people who are really strugglin...
Read quotes and notes of iconic people in history that made thier mark.
Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the sequel to the game that is considered as one of the best trucks simulators.
If you have to travel a long distance alone in your car use common sense.
Arty dark movie. Aggressive and poetic at the same time.
Here We see Moe Calling Amina a week later trying to explain the reason behind his rudeness......
Mommy, Daddy, myself and my dog Driving through the early morning fog Granny and Grandpa waiting for us to arrive After a long drive
Passion is a very intense emotion, it's so strong it can either enhance or destroy you, depending on how you allow it to affect your life.
Number of car accidents is increasing. Most of the reason are using cellphones or other form of distractions.
One of the best things I think I've written. Inspired by the film of the same name. Feedback welcome :)
This is for everyone who want make to live this year differently form those they have had before. It is a matter of your decision to know how you will live a fulfilled year this time around.
Although it is getting tougher all the time, getting a driving licence in the UK is still possible without too much trouble. The key to success is preparedness, and this page explains just how to prepare to succeed first time.
There are many old people now driving in heavy traffic and many of these are even nervous while driving
There's a difference between seeing something and feeling it for real. This is my account of what the nighttime holds when the sun goes down..
Yes it good to be au fait with technology, but should also retain a bit of the old school ways
Film review of the film Drive - released in UK cinemas in September 2011
Inspiration the force the impels us to go that extra mile.
Keep Moving Forward. Self Improvement yields the greatest of rewards. All else falls to the wayside, next to the value of knowing thyself. We are capable of giving only that which we possess. Creating Value opens the door to Value Reflection which opens the door to a better more.
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