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Did you know that over 4 million accidents happen in North America each year? Approximatively 15% are fatalities. The causes are various, from distracted driving, to texting, alcohol, technical issues, weather conditions etc. Statics reveals that 95% of these accidents could be avoide...
The lack of organisation on the part of the French taxi drivers these past months has blunted the effect of their tenacity. They are slowly loosing the support of the State while being at odds with the trap UberPop.
Crazy I am so happy I secured a driver job. I am delivering some magazines, who knew how taxing this job can be? Pain ~ muscles in such pain!! Patience is being tested ..... seriously!!!!
The comical goings-on of a seddy motel in town and the barker-esque musings of a taxi driver.
Only on foot, travelling would be the cheapest way to travel.
Driving carefully does not guarantee that you will not encounter an accident. However, it is always necessary for you to be careful and make sure to follow road signs and rules.
Every modern gadget has its use and misuse and we should know when to use any of them appropiately.
Last Friday, Lewis Hamilton announced that after 14 years with McLaren, he has signed with Mercedes for a three year deal. Read on to find out more.
There are many women drivers around who drive very badly, but still they are around..
Nic Hamilton is the younger brother of Lewis, and having been inspired by his example, enters the world of motor racing. But Nic has more challenges to overcome. Read on to find out more
Anyone that wants to consider taking transit to help your part in reducing bad carbon from the air this has some information on how to. Transit help people to go to from place to another and back. Transit is easy to use as you read this writing will hopefully show.
This is the third in my popular What's in a Name series, we have looked at Smith and the colours, now we turn our attention to the professions, many people were given names according to their profession, read on to see if your name meant a profession.
Women were the darlings for men everywhere for centuries and centuries. Not any more. Men are caring more for cars than women these days. Read the following article if you do not believe this!
My own thoughts on the arguments of which are the better deivers, male or female.
First unveiled to the world on July 19, 2006, in Santa Monica, California, this car has been making news for all good reasons!
A thing or a process is always the most satisfying if you get the best out it. And though there are several steps that need to be implemented first, the time and work that will be spent for each are sure worth it. And so, you must know how to get the best out of driving simulation jus...
Just a motor racing poem inspired from my own racing experience. It may not actually be about me though!
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